Free Environmentally Friendly Apps

So many more people would be willing to help out the environment if they only knew the best ways to go about doing that. These apps make it easier for environmentally friendly individuals to reduce their carbon footprints and support businesses that operate under environmentally friendly guidelines.


It can be difficult to put into numbers the benefits of riding your bike to work, or taking public transportation to the grocery store as opposed to driving, but that’s exactly what Ecorio does for you. Ecorio will run in the background of your phone and tracks when you’re traveling and what method you’re using. Additionally, it helps provide public transportation routes and carpooling information to help you get to your destination, and it provides interesting news information and statistics regarding to carbon footprints.


If you ever base your purchases of consumer products on environmental, health, or ethical factors, then the Good Guide is a great free app to download. The Good Guide relies on reviews from likeminded users to rate products from companies on three factors: Health, Environment and Society. All products are categorized and the highest and lowest rated items appear. That way, the next time you go shopping, you remember only the products you should buy and the products you should avoid.

Carpooling Made Easy

Whether you’re looking for another way to help reduce your carbon footprint, or you’re in desperate need to find a means to get into work every day, Carpooling Made Easy is a great way to meet others who are interested in carpooling. The app lets you know of other people in your area who are either looking for a ride or are willing to give a ride, lets you connect with them to arrange a meeting place, and tracks the distance traveled and the amount of money owed to the driver. It’s a great app for people already doing carpooling and as a way to get more people into carpooling.


If you’re like me who gets a bit tired of receiving paper junk mail that you have absolutely no need or use for, there’s an app for putting that wasted paper to a halt. PaperKarma lets you take a picture of the mail addressed to you, and then lets you unsubscribe from the sender’s mailing list. It works so well because many senders want to know what people have no intention of becoming their customers, as it costs them money to send out their print mail to the masses.

Recycle Bank

We all like rewards for our good actions, and Recycle Bank delivers. After becoming a member, you participate by recycling at home or taking online interactive quizzes and earn points. Over time you can redeem your points for coupons and gift cards at popular retail and shopping stores. It’s great if you’re already shopping at the participating stores, and it’s a great way to support the companies that support people trying to live sustainable lifestyles.

Seafood Watch

It’s quite clear that overfishing has taken a toll on the ecosystems of our oceans and bodies of water, and it’s important to eat fish from healthy areas and are caught by sustainable processes. Seafood Watch identifies restaurants and shops that support this idea, and need a bit of help from people who are willing to support their cause. It’s great for when you’re on the go or visiting an unfamiliar city, as it shows you a map of shops and restaurants near you.

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