Increasing Engagement in Corporate Events

If you regularly run corporate events, you’ll be very aware that it can be difficult to get guests interested in anything other than the buffet table or the free champagne. How do you get people talking about the product or service you’re promoting? The good news is that it’s not as difficult as you might think.

One of the easiest ways to get people engaged in the product is by renting an audience response system for the night. The good thing about an audience response system is that it’s a novel way to get people thinking about the purpose of the event. There are two ways you might decide to take advantage of the system: for small scale market research or to conduct a fun quiz related to your industry.

The former is particularly useful if you’re launching a new product or have samples available at the event. This means that you can gather opinions about the products to find out what people think. For example, if there are several colours, you could ask which people prefer for an informal way to collect views from the industry. You could also get some background research where you ask people to vote on whether they’d use your product in certain scenarios.

The latter idea is a good idea if you want a fun way to get people thinking about your industry in general. It’s a fun way to gauge the knowledge of the audience without having to pick on anyone to specifically, which most people don’t like. It also means that the crowd won’t be influenced by the answers of others, for example by copying other hands going up, so you will get the genuine responses of the crowd.

This system also makes presentations more interactive and relevant for the guests. For example, if you’re presenting to the audience, you can get them involved by asking them to vote on a range of topics, and the votes will appear immediately after the vote has closed on the screen in a clear, accurate graphic. This means you can interpret the results straight away, which is much more interesting for the audience than using figures from previous research. 

These charts can also be saved for a later date if you wish to create a write up of the event.
With the right equipment, it’s easy to get people engaging with your product, and you don’t need to put anyone under any pressure to get their opinion. Renting an audience response system is the best way to get honest opinions quickly from your corporate event guests.

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