4 Interesting Travel Gadgets That Christopher Columbus Wished He Had

Planning to jet away on an exotic holiday this summer? Planning an adventure trip or a camping vacation with your mates? Looking for some interesting gadgets that will make your travels a tad smoother? Thanks to technology, you can now lay your hands on some amazing travel gadgets available in the market that will definitely take your travelling experience to a different level altogether. Listed below are four such awesome gadgets that you should definitely consider chucking into your backpack before you leave.


Want to confirm your flight tickets? Looking to make hotel bookings? Need help with directions? Want to know about the best restaurants within your vicinity? Believe it or not, a smart phone is probably the handiest gadget you could possibly carry with you on a holiday. The amount of apps available for you to download will leave you dizzy. There's a mobile app for almost anything and everything that your mind can come up with. When it comes to travel, right from booking your travel tickets, to checking flight timings, to having a look at car rentals, hotels, restaurant reviews, weather forecasts, maps, to language translations, and what not, there's an app for everything. Moreover, you could also use your smart phone for other purposes  as well, such as playing games, watching videos, surfing the internet, checking emails, managing social network portals, listening to music, chatting with loved ones, and so much more! So yes, just carry your smart phone along, and the rest shall be taken care of.

Swiss Army knife

Heading out for an adventure trip? Planning to go camping with your mates? Visiting an exotic island this summer? Don't forget to carry your favorite cherry-colored all purpose multi-tool – a Swiss Army Knife! Originally produced in the late 1800's the quintessential Swiss Army Knife has a come a long way since then. This convenient little gadget comes equipped with a number of handy tools such as a blade, a nail file, a toothpick, a ballpoint pen, scissors, a fish scaler, corkscrew, a bottle opener, a can opener, tweezers, pliers, a magnifying glass, and so on. In fact, talking about the Swiss Knife coming a long way since the late 1800's, some models today even have high-tech tools such as a barometer, a digital altimeter, LED light, a clock, a USB flash drive and even an mp3 player! Phew, now that's mighty impressive, isn't it?


For all those long bus, flight, or train journeys that you cover, your music could well turn out to be your best companion. However, the people around you might not particularly be in a mood to be entertained by your music as such. This is why you must make sure you carry a good set of headphones to bring the best out of your journey.  Whether it's for listening to music, for playing games, for watching movies or videos on your laptop or smart phone, or even for saving yourself from crying babies or pesky and talkative seat mates, a good pair of headphones are definitely bound to come in handy during your travels.

Portable Mini battery pack

A portable mini battery pack is a perfect gadget for carrying along on holidays, camping trips, and other vacations, in order to make sure that none of your portable devices ever run out of power. There are a number of good brands available in the market as far as these handy battery packs are concerned. Be it your iPhone, iPod, or Blackberry, a mini battery pack can charge almost any of your USB charged devices. So carry one of these along on your travels and be assured of a rather smooth and “charged up” journey!

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Gary Nash is a blogger and he loves playing with gadgets. Gary works with Cloud 9 Balloons a company organising Balloon flights in Sydney.

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