Top 5 Most Powerful Cars In The World

What is a typical image or a typical car? 100-150 hp, 2L engine, right? Today, when gas prices are just crazy, people started buying fuel efficient cars. The less gas it consumes, the better. Besides, do you need a car that needs 20L of gas per 100 km just to drive to the office every day?

However, not all people are like that! Some folks simply love powerful cars while others face no financial problems. They can easily purchase gas every day and there will be no holes in the family budget. Anyway, powerful cars need lots of gas. If you can afford it or just find them interesting, here’s my top 5 list of the most powerful cars in the world.

Locus Plethore

Price: $412,000
Where do you think this car is built? In Canada! Surprised? Locus is known as the Quebec Bomb. The car is made entirely out of carbon fibre. It weighs over 1 ton. As to horsepower, it is 1,300! Amazing! The 8.2 litle V-8 engine from Chevy can perform those wonders. The engine comes with a 6 speed transmission (sure manual). The car can go as fast as 328 km/h. Well, Locus can compete with Formula 1 bolides. So, if you have enough money to buy and maintain it, consider you are buying a spaceship.

SSC Ultimate Aero

Price: $620,000.
This car is less powerful but more expensive. But, hey, do not think it’s not fast. SSC Ultimate Aero can go faster than 400 km/h, although I wonder where you can find a good place to reach such speed (dessert, maybe, with a brand new highway?) In fact, this is the fastest car in the world, and it managed to leave Bugatti Veyron in the dust! The speed reaches 411.85 km/h!!! That is something incredible for a car that uses wheels!

Mosler 900S

Price: $329,000
This is the car that designer Mark Trenne and Warren Mosler managed to build in 20 years. This is a dream car with 5.7 liter engine from Corvette and a 6-speed transmission. The body is made of carbon-aluminum. The car can go at the speed on 320 km/h and some modifications have engines even with 1800 hp.

Zenvo ST1

1,104 hp
Price: N/A
The car looks like Darth Vader. Zenvo comes from Denmark and has everything a modern super car needs to have - 7L turbo and super chraged engine and 6-speed manual transmission. The price is unavailable and you are unlikely to find any information on the price on the net. The car’s top speed is limited electronically but you can lift up limitation by signing a few papers with the company.

Bristol Fighter “T”

1,102 hp
Price: $670,000.
This is the most exclusive English car ever, even though English kings and queens never drove it. By the way, what differs it from other similar cars is that is has room for luggage and it’s generally considered a comfortable touring vehicle.

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