Homes Of The Future

How will the home of the future look? Are the science-fiction fantasies of simulated-reality holograms and revolutionary foodstuffs going to become reality? We can presume that many of the elements of what will become ordinary in a few decades, or even sooner, are already available to some consumers.

The central focus of much of our future lifestyle designs will be the usage of our resources. Visualising the home of the future is not simply about imparting more opulence into the places we live in today. It will be more about connecting people with the devices in their home, which will ultimately improve the usage and performance of these devices. We can expect to see devices that are not only more efficient than anything we have currently, but these devices will also provided greater connectivity between individuals and machines, allowing them to ‘communicate’ seamlessly with each other.

This also implies that the internet will become extremely integrated in the future home. Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt said that the wealthy might surge ahead with holographic communications, but as time passes, we will also be able to connect the developing world with these types of technologies.


So, what can a visitor from 2012 expect to see at any house in 2020? If companies like Panasonic have their way, it could be a home that has a changing exterior and a charging plate drive-way that will charge your car. As electric-car companies are making headway in the international car-market, more drive-way may have a Tesla parked on them.


The kitchen of the future is set to live up to the idea of eliminating the tedious process of shopping. Some major electronic manufacturers have already introduced a fridge that communicates with the other kitchen appliances, as well as with retailers, to inform them what products your fridge or automated food appliances may require. A screen on the fridge door will also be able to suggest what you can cook with food that you have on-hand, whilst providing advertisers the opportunity to recommend new products.

Living room: 

The living room is the home area that has had the most profound advances in recent years - from TV stations that alters your viewing habits, through to internet-connected TV stations that allows everyone to watch whatever they want, whenever they want. With games consoles and smart TV a fixture in many houses already, the concept of interacting with your television set is now an established idea.


The future of bathrooms will combine water- and energy-saving technology with elegant, space-saving design. Although ‘his-and-hers’ sinks are currently all the rage, we are likely to see an increasing amount of houses with smart water meters which will monitor how much water is used, which will consequently drive a growth in showers with more efficient heads.

Author Bio:
Muun-unit is a hippie, eco-warrior, and nature-loving kind of guy - who enjoys travelling the world and cooking gourmet dishes. He is passionate about everything “green” or eco-friendly, and believes that everyone should do their part in conserving our beautiful environment. Muun-unit wrote this article for an eco-friendly property agency that has some remarkable futuristic and green 
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