10 Ways To Create An Awesome YouTube Video

So you love YouTube and you want to create videos that people will love as well? You’re not alone and it’s becoming all the more apparent that people love sharing and watching videos. The wonders of technology now make this easier than ever before. But making great videos people love is not as simple as some people think. The fact that anyone can make a video and share it online today means that there are more videos for the audience to choose from. You need to do something great to stand out and be noticed.

Here are 10 ways to create an awesome YouTube video:

1.   Keep it short- By this we mean at least as short as it needs to be. If your message needs to be a little longer to get the full effect, then go ahead but be sure to do proper editing and remove any fluff. When the viewer gets bored, they’re going to click away to someone else’s video.

2.   Be honest- Be real and be who you are, be honest about your product or cause, be sincere. These are all ways to create a video that will resonate with the viewer.

3.   Have great quality- You need to make itlook good and you need to make it sound good.

4.   Have fun- When you have fun, the viewer will have fun watching.

5.   Be descriptive- Use titles, tags and descriptions that tell what your video is really all about.

6.   Learn from others- See what videos succeed and fail on YouTube and this will help you know how to plan your own.

7.   Do keyword research- Making the video is only half the battle. To be seen, you need to market the video correctly so take time to do that keyword research.

8.   Practice- You know practice makes perfect so just keep making videos. The more you do, the better you will get at it.

9.   Ask your viewers- You can also ask your viewers for input and find out more about exactly what they want.

10. Get creative- So many things have been done before. How are your videos unique? Get creative and you will add more value to your videos and gain more views.

While you can pay for Youtube views, this doesn’t mean you will get the engagement you’re looking for. These are just numbers and they won’t do much for you in terms of getting interaction on your videos. However, these 10 tips will help you create awesome videos that people want to reply to, post on other networks, share with friends and even subscribe to your channel.

So there you have it- 10 ways to create an awesome YouTube video. What do you think of these tips? Do you have some of your own you want to add?

Author Bio:
Brittany Clark is a video maker who loves to share her experiences with others by writing articles with tips and advice. 

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