5 Entrepreneurs Who Radically Altered The World

Entrepreneurs play a vital role in the process of shaping society and the world. While there are billions of entrepreneurs out there trying to make a living, a select few have risen above the rest to change the world. Here are five of the most successful entrepreneurs in the history of business and how they have impacted all of us.

1. Steve Jobs

What kind of a list of top entrepreneurs would leave out Steve Jobs? He had one of the most amazing mind that the world has ever seen. He helped pioneer the personal computer market, revolutionized animated movies with Pixar, and came up with numerous inventions with Apple. Devices like the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad are in existence thanks to this man. Not many can claim a legacy as profound as Steve Jobs.

2. Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is another one of the premier entrepreneurs that the world has ever seen. Jeff is the founder of a company by the name of Amazon. Amazon has evolved into the premier online retailer where pretty much every product imaginable is bought and sold. They help to make it popular and easy to buy online. They also came up with a popular device called the Kindle and made the e-book fashionable. They have engaged in a number of other endeavors as well to help change society for the better.

3. Henry Ford

Henry Ford was one of the most amazing men of the last 200 years. While he may not have been that much different from regular men in a lot of areas, he was set apart by his persistence and vision. He insisted that his team of engineers could come up with a combustion engine. While it took a considerable amount of time to pull off, he made it happen. He also helped pioneer the assembly line and made it possible for the average family to have a car to get them around. His impact on society cannot be denied, as having a vehicle is now seen as a necessity in today's world.

4. Larry Page and Sergey Brin

Larry Page and Sergey Brin are two of the most brilliant minds that the world has ever seen. They co-founded Google together and have spearheaded a number of great products being introduced to the world. While their primary offering at Google is the search engine, there have been hundreds of other products launched. Items like Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Play, Google Chrome, Google Glass, and the Android operating system are a few of the amazing innovations that they helped come up with. Their contributions to society have profoundly changed the world. Now, when someone needs to know something, they just use the name of the company as a verb. "Googling" something you don't know is now a normal procedure for most people.

5. Reed Hastings

Reed Hastings is another entrepreneur that has had a major impact on the way the world operates. Hastings founded Netflix, the movie rental and streaming company that has taken the world by storm. After forgetting to return a movie himself, he sought to create a better movie rental system that would be more affordable for the average person. After becoming popular with a movies through the mail plan, Netflix made the jump to streaming content directly to people's homes. Now, it seems like almost everyone has a Netflix account streaming to some device at home. 

All of these people have significantly changed the way that the world operates. In the coming years, many of them will continue to innovate and have a major impact on all of us.

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Rodney Fowler is a business owner who has written about his experience with getting an MBA in Entrepreneurship on Graduate Degree Program.

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