High-Tech Equipment The Police Will Be Using To Keep An Eye On You

In years past, it was relatively easy to commit any crime and get away with it. Before the time of video cameras, DNA, fingerprinting and drones, the only real tangible way to catch someone in the act was if a witness saw the crime being committed. These days, however, crime can be detected in a plethora of ways – before, during and after it occurs. As police departments move more and more toward preventing crime using a variety of deterrents, many are asking if elements such as privacy and due process are being violated. If you are worried about what some call the impending police state, then you will want to read about these ways that local law enforcement may soon be watching you.

Cameras That Predict Crime

Surveillance cameras have been in use widely in countries such as the United Kingdom for many years, and serve as an effective deterrent to crime in many areas. But what happens when cameras can actually sense crime before it happens? Developers at BRS Labs have developed a unique camera system that can profile actions and people in order to make an assessment as to whether is crime is being committed or is about to be committed. These cameras are already in use throughout select cities, including San Francisco.

Fingerprint Reading – From Across the Room

Fingerprint scanners have been around for several years and are usually a method of verifying one's identity for various purposes. However, developers at a Huntsville, Alabama facility in the United States have unveiled technology that can detect a person's fingerprint signature from up to 8 meters away. By waving your hand in front (or rather, in the vicinity) of the camera device embedded within the system, you can gain access to doors and other secure facilities without having to scan a card or fingerprint up-close. For local law enforcement, this technology may ultimately be adopted as a way to scan fingerprints of those in public and help identify criminals who might not otherwise be found.

Unmanned Drones

We have seen the sophistication of unmanned drones in the battle arena, but an increasing number of local law enforcement agencies are adopting stripped-down versions of these drones for local surveillance and monitoring of key people and places. These drones can be used to scout out a hostage situation, for example, without having to send in manpower that might find themselves in a dangerous situation with no prior intel. Many worry about the use of these drones in civilian arenas and what they mean for future privacy, but it is very likely that this will just become another common occurrence.

Mobile Phone Spying Techniques

There are multiple ways in which local law enforcement can keep tabs on you via mobile phone. One way is through the use of impromptu cell phone towers that can intercept data for any number of phones; by using this, authorities can access any particular conversations, text or data that comes through the tower. Another way is through the request of records from mobile phone companies. In many cases, local law enforcement can request the information of hundreds or thousands of users' data without any resistance from the mobile phone companies.

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