Jazz Up Your Kitchen With These Awesome Gadgets

Whether you want to cook up a storm or just make simple tasks easier, technology is quickly revolutionising the way we do business in the kitchen. With developments like the microwave, dishwasher and food processor, the way we operate in the kitchen is constantly being changed for the better. Recently, modern technology has allowed for a wide variety of products to land on our counter tops and gives us added convenience that would have been impossible just a few years prior. Here, we'll discuss four of the best kitchen gadgets you can grab for the home to make your cooking and dining experiences much more pleasant.


This new product aims to revolutionize the beverage industry by eliminating cans – along with corn syrup and other additives. The SodaStream Source ($150) uses CO2 canisters along with flavoured cartridges to create drinks that taste almost identical to name brand soft drinks. While the cost of using SodaStream is not necessarily much cheaper than conventional cans and bottles, it is a great way to enjoy drinks with fewer additives and contribute less waste to landfills. Kids will also love making their own drinks due to the press and release system that injects blasts of CO2 into the drinks as they are being made.

Wolfgang Puck Rotating Waffle Iron

Making waffles is great, but we all hate the mess that can occur when we wait too long to flip them – with the Wolfgang Puck Rotating Waffle Iron, you can say goodbye to ruined waffles and charred remains forever! This smart gadget flips each waffle while it's being cooked, without having to rely on human input to create the final product. Costing about $90, the waffle iron may not be on everybody's radar as of now, but we know for a fact that automated breakfast is something everyone can appreciate.

Remote Controlled Beverage Cooler

Part of kitchen convenience means not necessarily having to go into the kitchen to retrieve your favourite items. Enter the Hammacher Schlemmer Remote Controlled Beverage Cooler ($80), which can easily hold a twelve pack of your favourite beverages plus ice. With handles and straps for carrying, the cooler can be transported traditionally in addition to the four foot range it boasts on its wireless antennae for moving about the house. Operating off of 9-volt and C batteries, this item is perfect for use during game time in the living room, on the deck or in the kitchen.

Hamilton Beach Easy-Reach Toaster Oven

Toaster ovens are a great way to prepare foods without having to heat up that expansive oven, and they produce food to a higher quality than that of microwaves. The Hamilton Beach Easy-Reach Toaster Oven provides all the mainstays of conventional cooking with added features of convenience. Regular toaster ovens have just a simple door on the front that opens, often leading to burns and mishaps, but the door on this model lifts and retracts to the back of the unit to allow you to lift and reach into the oven without worrying about coming into contact with hot surfaces. This model is available for purchase online and in stores for just $50, making it a wonderful addition to the kitchen.

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