Car Technologies Of The Future - Yes They Can Talk!

Engineering and motor technology never rests on its laurels for very long. As soon as something new is revealed and put into circulation, something else is under development. People in the motor industry are always looking for the next big thing, something to put their car out on top and there are some ‘future technologies’ in development today that are going to make a big difference to the way that we use our cars.

Cars that Talk to Each Other

Many of the car technologies that are being developed relate in some way to the road safety of the vehicle;the technology that is being developed today could be one of the biggest changes to the way that we use not only our cars, but all methods of public transport. Not only are the men in the lab coats looking at how they can get our cars to communicate with each other, they are also investigating how they could communicate with their surroundings. This type of technology could revolutionise the way that we drive; our car could essentially receive a warning when another car jumps a red light, warning us not to proceed and thus, avoiding a collision. This V2V (vehicle communication) technology is already in development with the larger vehicle manufacturers such as Ford, based upon the transmission and reception of wireless signals.

Augmented Reality Dashboard

At the moment, we have cars that utilise different in car display methods, from inset screen to windshield displays.But,technology is being developed that aims for the car to be able to identify objects in its surroundings and display all of the information the driver could need right up there on the windscreen. Some current car models already have a basic windscreen display, but it is hoped in the future that the information that can be provided will be much more detailed. The augmented display will overlay the windscreen and not limit the driver’s view of the real road ahead. It could be that the augmented display will flash up a red warning if you are driving too fast or too close to the car in front, or it could even be utilised as a GPS system.

Airbags to Help Stop the Car

Airbags have proven how effective they can be when it comes to reducing the severity of injuries in road traffic accidents, and developers are now looking at ways that the air bags can be turned to further use as part of an active safety system for the car as a whole. Engineers are looking at ways that the bags can be fitted beneath the car to help bring it to a successful halt before any collision occurs, the system will use some form of proximity sensors which will be able to self determine when an impact could become a real threat. Once deployed, the bags will also cause the vehicle to rise off the road a little which cancels out the dip that the car makes when the brakes are applied hard.

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Sam Donahue, the writer of this article, works for Europcar Airport Parking which offers customers with secure airport car parking services. He likes to indulge in blogging and reading during his free time.

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