3 Revolutionary Headphone Projects On Kickstarter That Every Tech-Savvy Music Enthusiast Should Check Out

Whether it's about listening to music, watching videos, playing games, or watching movies, a good pair of headphone can take your audio experience to a different level altogether. Thanks to cutting edge technology, you can now lay your hands on some incredible headphones in the market, giving you an audio experience like never before. What follows is a list of three futuristic Kickstarter projects that aim to revolutionize headphones even further. Have a look.

Rondo Motion: Bring your headphones to life

Are you passionate about listening to live music? When you put on your headphones, do you wish to feel as if you were at a live performance? Do you want to feel like you're immersing sound?  This is exactly what Rondo wishes to bring forth to you! The idea behind this project is to add motion sensing technology to your headphones in order to get an unparalleled immersive sound experience. Rondo captures the acoustics of live spaces and applies that to your music library. It uses proprietary technology to pull sounds out of your headphone to create a life-like sound as if you were in a music concert. The Rondo motion sensor will pair up with your device via any Rondo-enabled app, the device will then send head motion data to Rondo player, which will then adjust the audio sent to your headphones, keeping the sounds fixed even as you move around. The project needs backing in order to get approved, to buy components and to start manufacturing it. Fancy this amazing idea? Go back it up!

Stadium Headphones - Experiencing Sound Like Never Before

Looking for headphones that will stand out from all the other headphones in the market in music and fashion? These ultimate HD wireless headphones from Stadium Headphones Group aim to be just that! Built with the help of state-of-the-art technology, these headphones have a number of extraordinary features such as advanced noise reduction, premium sound quality, luxurious wearing comfort, and they're even foldable! Furthermore, these headphones will be wireless, and will also have a built-in SD memory card slot to help you store a lifetime of music! The headphone will also hold an eject-able remote control that drops down effortlessly at the push of a button. You can use the remote control wirelessly to select songs, change volume, and so on. The headphones will be Bluetooth compatible, allowing you to tune into any Bluetooth enabled device. If that's not enough, the headphones also feature a built-in microphone allowing you to use it as a hands-free for talking, while connected to a Bluetooth device! If you want to see yourself using one of these very soon, go back it up! The funding will be used for the manufacturing process.

Yuni: A Headphone for People with Single-Sided Hearing Loss

Yet another remarkable project revolving around headphones, Yuni will be the first true stereo headphone catering to people with unilateral deafness or hearing loss. Most headphones split the sound between two channels so you end up hearing only 50% of it, and most recordings don't put the sound evenly in both channels. As a solution, you could find a way to collapse both stereo channels into a single channel and listen with one ear. But then again, the frequency will be messy and the sound, cramped. This is where Yuni comes in. It brings in a new technology that places both stereo channels in a single ear piece, but with two separate speakers instead of just one – one above the ear opening and one below it. With this headphone on, you will get that true and incomparable stereo experience that you were previously missing out on! Show your backing for this project if you find this brilliant concept impressive.

Author Bio:
Nelson Richard is a blogger, gadget lover and social media aficiando. He believes that Kickstarter can indeed give us the next generation of headphones as each of these projects are solving a problem not addressed by current products.

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