Fitness Apps That Are Guaranteed To Change The Way You Think About Exercise

Your smartphone serves many different functions.  It is everything from a simple communication device, to a multi-faceted entertainment centre. You name it and there is more than likely an app for it available for you to download. When it comes to the world of the fitness apps, there are so many choices available for you to download, that you could wear yourself out in the process of finding the right one. To take the pressure off of you, here are some great fitness apps to get you on the road to physical well being. These apps can keep you on track, and record all of your progress, but the motivation is down to you.


The premise of this app is to stop the time you spend running, or the time you spend on the treadmill, from becoming boring. Unlike other music based running apps, this one actually alters the tempo of the music so that the beat matches your running/jogging pace. The technology involved in this app analyses the beats per minute of the piece of music and then alters them to match your footsteps. In response you automatically step in time with the beat and get a better work out without realising it.


The RunKeeper app harnesses the GPS technology of your phone and uses it to keep a track of not only how far you walked or ran during your fitness session, but also the calories that you have burned off, what pace you kept and which route you followed that is shown on a map. That’s pretty good going for a free app! All of the data that the app records can then be synchronised with the RunKeeper website; so, you will have a full record of your fitness efforts. If you feel inclined to do so, you can then share all of the information that your app has stored with your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter.

‘Woman’s Health’ Workouts

This app comes from the same people that bring you ‘Women’s Health’ magazine. It offers you a choice of 16 complete workouts with 130 individual exercises. You decide which parts of your body you want to work on, such as core strength or muscle tone, set your goals and then follow the step by step instructions (which are illustrated with detailed photographs) to complete your chosen workout.  You can’t go wrong with this app!


If cycling is how you choose to keep fit, then this is the app for you.  However, even if you run, skate or ski, this app can be useful! It records the time taken, distance travelled, route elevation and speed of your chosen activity. This app has made the ‘Top App’ lists in sports magazines as well as publications like the Wall Street Journal, so you know it has to substance to back it up. With the purchase of a separate add on (Wahoo Fitness ANT+System), you can also monitor your heart rate as well as bike speed and cadence. This is one app that does so much more than the simple name suggests.

Author Bio:
Today's guest author, Kenneth Trophs, is a fitness trainee at He believes that running on a Horizon treadmill is preferable than running out in the open as you can track your progress. He enjoys playing various sports in his free time.

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