Must-Have Apps For Music Lovers

As phones became smarter and hard drives grew in capacity, more smartphone owners have ditched MP3 players in favor of devices that do everything. Whether you own an iPhone or the newest Android from HTC or Samsung, you won't get your music fix from the default apps. Download these must-have apps to listen to your current collection, find new favorite artists and make sure you're never without the music you love.


This app really broke the mold. Music lovers everywhere could suddenly create stations based on their favorite artist, song or genre and hear old favorites as well as new material. The ability to "like" songs helps to create customized playlists, and Pandora is available on literally every device you can imagine. You can only skip six songs per station per hour, but paying for a subscription will eliminate that barrier.

Play Music

Google's own music app is for you if you've got a large collection of music and a device with a small hard drive. After you upload your collection, you can stream it from anywhere, mark songs for offline listening and even get free music. Google has the advantage because you can add 20,000 songs under the free plan, which blows other apps out of the water. The service also matches free music with your existing songs, and this can help reduce upload time.


This program has been available to Windows users for years, and its availability for Android phones and tablets makes it a good replacement for the default music app. Not only does Winamp work with your existing iTunes playlists, which you can import with a single click, but it offers wireless syncing to your computer and Shoutcast radio stations. Winamp is one music app that you can add to your lockscreen for easy access, and the app looks up information about artists and albums from tracks you're listening to on your device.


It was a big deal when this app finally landed stateside, so grab your phone, PC or tablet and get the app. You can discover new music by entering artists like Pandora or let the app surprise you. You've got more control over the music you love with Spotify because you can add playlists or individual songs to your collection. The app integrates with social networks like Facebook, so you can let your friends know what you're enjoying and follow them. The free version includes ads, but you can pay for a subscription for unlimited music without ads or to download music for offline listening.

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