How High Tech Is Your Home?

What Constitutes a High Tech Home?

Today, a high tech home involves more than a home theater, HDTV and Ethernet or a WiFi home network. The high tech home is defined by the homeowner’s ability to maintain a home’s physical, entertainment and social environments and provide convenience, enjoyment and security for its occupants.

In the modern high tech home, this is accomplished with wireless wall mounted units and hand held remotes. Additionally, the high tech home can access these functions through the internet with the same smart devices that almost everyone uses today to manage their facebook, tweets, skyping, shopping, messaging and more.

Music and Entertainment

Although the high tech home has moved beyond just innovations to the home entertainment center, its beginnings derive from the revolution within the home entertainment industry with integration of separate tasks and units via the Internet. No longer is that collection of video and audio equipment controlled with dials and switches or a collection of individual devices’ remote controls.

The entire system can be programmed and controlled from anywhere. With remote speakers you can sit in any room and program and select your favorite digital audio from your own collection, digital radio or the Internet. Then enjoy it throughout the home or in a selected area.


However, the audio system in a high tech home goes beyond the home theater. It includes a complete intercom system that provides hands-free, effortless communication, reply, messaging, broadcasting and more. A system for anyone to leave voice messages as reminders, information or simple greetings to one station or all. Moreover, it can include access to the patio, pool, deck, garage, workshop and any detached building.

Video and Security

Clearly, the intercom system can serve to monitor an infants sounds from the kitchen, home office, patio, pool or elsewhere; however, the high tech home can supplement that peace of mind with installation of a video camera to view the infant on a system’s LCD screen, a TV or any smart device. Alternatively, a camera can also be installed to monitor swimmers in the pool.

Installation of a camera and intercom at a front entrance can be used to observe and communicate with expected guests or screen unexpected and potentially unwelcome visitors. For additional security, homes that are built with long or winding driveways and extensive grounds around the home should include additional cameras to monitor the home’s exterior on a TV or smart device.

Home Appliances and Lighting

The owner of a high tech home can use powerful automation systems that can:

- Centralize heat and air conditioning settings
- Turn on and off and dim lights
- Open and close blinds
- Control garage doors
- Fill a spa
- Control irrigation

Simply, one can control almost anything imaginable with new options becoming available in the future.

Author Bio:
Jon Engle writes regularly on home improvement and home purchasing tips. He recommends Taylor Morrison for those looking to purchase a Austinnew home. You can follow him on Twitter @californiaapts.

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