10 Must-Have New Tech Gadgets For 2013

2013 should be a great year for tech gadgets. With most major companies, and some new entries into the field, scheduled for release this year, there will be no shortage of innovative new gadgets creating lines are storefronts around the world.

10. BlackBerry 10

RIM once ruled the smartphone world. With the rise in popularity of both iOS and Android devices, their hold on market has become dangerously low. Bringing the BlackBerry up to spec with the competition, the BlackBerry 10 hopes to recapture RIMs glory days.

9. Microsoft Surface Pro

With the public still undecided on both Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface, the release of the Pro offers an opportunity to see the real power of both the platform and device. Detaching from the Microsoft App market and allowing real use could be the saving grace for this struggling device.

8. Ouya

One part development kit, one part game console and one part media center, this compact little device hopes to change the way the public looks at console gaming. Since its start on Kickstarter, the device has gained a huge popularity. With a successful launch in 2013, the Ouya could breathe new life into the gaming market.

7. Xbox Loop

Details on this latest Microsoft console are sparse. However, it is know that the chipset is already being produced and that development kits have been sent. This means that it is only a matter of time before the Xbox Loop becomes a reality. With a price tag rumored to be lower than the Xbox 360, this could be the console that cements Microsoft at the top of the console leader boards.

6. Fujitsu Lifebook

Started as a contest entry, Fujitsu is slowly releasing more information about this hybrid mobile device. Combining a tablet, smartphone and net book into a single, sleek device has gadget lovers begging for more. With a possible 2013, this long wait could become a reality.

5. Vuzix M100 Glasses

With a 1 GHz processor, 4GB of storage space and full image and video capture capabilities, Vuzix Smart Glasses have Google Glass in their crosshairs. With a release for scheduled for mid-2013, this could be your first chance to experience augmented reality and truly mobile computing.

4. Samsung Galaxy Skin

As phones get lighter and slimmer, manufacturers find new ways to improve smartphone durability. Still, these increasingly expensive devices can be crushed, cracked and shattered relatively easy. The Galaxy Skin fixed this problem by creating the world’s first completely flexible OLED phone.

3. Playstation 4

Though Sony is keeping many of the details under lock and key, the pending release of the Xbox 720 makes a release of the Playstation 4 highly likely. From digital distribution to a new visual style, the Playstation 4 hopes to keep up with the Xbox 720 in the latest console wars.

2. Amazon's Smartphone

An Amazon-based phone has been in the works for some time. As the company that revolutionized the pricing and affordability of the 7-inch tablet, it is no surprise that Amazon hopes to realize a full-featured, Amazon-driven smartphone in 2013.

1. Samsung’s Secret TV

All it took was a single press release and a teasing image to send the television world into a frenzy. With its odd shape, mysterious marketing and limited details, rumors are flying fast. Samsung hopes to end the speculation and officially debut the technology at CES 2013 in Las Vegas later this year.

Author Bio:
Steven Taylor has been writing about technology and small business solutions for many years. You can find Steven reviewing phone and internet services for businesses here.
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