Five Must-Have Smart Home Renovations And Add-Ons For The Geek At Heart

With technology and design increasingly becoming more and more integrated, it was only a matter of time before our humble abodes began to feel the impact. In many respects, homes are still operating under 20th century technology: traditional outlets that do not take into account modern devices, one-size-fits-all ways of using light that negatively impact electricity consumption, and thermostat systems that simply do not recognise the potential for savings that smart systems otherwise would comprehend are just a few examples. As more and more people begin to embrace the full integration of technology into the home, the applications become more and more unique.

Wi-Fi Blocking Wallpaper

Developed originally for military applications, this new form of wallpaper is embossed with a fairly simple geometric pattern that can hinder any and all Wi-Fi signals from escaping or entering the room. For those who are worried about their data being stolen by prying eyes in the neighbourhood, this can completely thwart any attempts to hijack or otherwise intrude upon your security – and it's also a great solution for businesses that need to have secure rooms or facilities.

Savvy Coffee Tables

The living room has seen a decline in terms of actual usage in recent years, as more and more elements of entertainment have been decoupled from its central function. However, there are many new solutions that offer web and multimedia functionality in the form of your standard coffee table. Watching the kids doodle to their heart's content without the mess and fuss that comes with markers and crayons is certainly appreciated, and any social get-together will be made much more interesting by being able to share photos and even play games straight from the table.

Wi-Fi Pavement

Despite perhaps wanting to block certain rooms from prying eyes and data thieves, the home can also be used to amplify Wi-Fi coverage in areas where it might otherwise not be available. A Spanish company has debuted a form of smart pavement that broadcasts Wi-Fi signals throughout the vicinity, giving you the ability to create “wireless pathways” anywhere in the yard. A quiet walk in the woods doesn't mean you have to forgo the accessibility and speed of your home-based internet.

Indoor Retracting Pools

For those of us who love swimming, summer is the best time of the year. Unfortunately, most of us do not live in climates where year-round swimming is a possibility. Enter the retractable swimming pool, an indoor-based solution that can be easily accessed when desired and can disappear at the flick of a button. Some models simply use a second floor that covers the pool when not in use, while others have a cycling technique that raises the floor of the pool to the height of the actual floor, draining the water to a central reservoir.

Intuitive Entertainment Systems

Televisions, sound systems and video game consoles are increasingly incorporating the use of gesture control as a means of interaction, and the functionality does not stop there. With built-in Wi-Fi, voice commands and an array of integrated apps at your disposal, the television and entertainment system is beginning to become something much greater than the sum of its parts.

Author Bio:
Ricky Nash, author of this post, works with a leading property development company Prestige Homes Melbourne. A geek at heart, Ricky spends a lot of time searching for gadgets and add-ons for his home and office desk.

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