5 Movies That Will Teach You How To Be Smart With Your Money

Money plays an undeniably important role in society, so it's no wonder so many movies revolve around it. Smart money management is an important skill whether you're rich or just surviving. These movies all have some valuable lessons to offer when it comes to taking care of your finances.

Boiler Room – Be Careful with Your Investments

In Boiler Room, a young college dropout begins work with an investment firm selling illegitimate shares. Though the sales tactics are aggressive, the overall company seems clean until the FBI gets involved. The lesson here is never to trust a cold caller offering investment opportunities. Thoroughly research any investment you consider putting your money into.

Trading Places – Don't Let Your Past Hold You Back

Trading Places takes a lighthearted look at money. Two successful commodities traders strike a bet over the power of nature versus nurture. To decide whether men are successful because of their circumstances or their own abilities, they orchestrate a complex switch. Wealthy executive Louis Winthorpe III loses his job, wealth, and status and the street hustler Billy Ray Valentine takes his place. This movie's financial lesson is that you should never let your circumstances define your future.

Wall Street – Play By the Rules

Wall Street addresses the classic battle between money and morality. This film focuses on the dark and dangerous practice of insider trading. If you haven't learned this lesson from the real life story of Martha Stewart, this movie will help underscore the dangers of this practice. The final lesson is that you should always play by the rules when it comes to the stock market.

The Pursuit of Happiness – Hard Work Will Get You Everywhere

Will Smith plays the real life character of Chris Gardner in The Pursuit of Happiness. If ever there was a man with the world stacked against him, it was Gardner. Yet this film shows how dedication and hard work can turn everything around. While caring for his young son, Gardner works his way up from being completely broke and homeless to being a successful stock broker. This movie proves that anyone can have success and financial freedom if they're willing to work for it.

The Secret of My Success – Learn to Act As If

The Secret of My Success follows the unbelievable antics of Brantley Foster. When he loses his job as a financial analyst, Foster worms his way into a place as mail clerk. However, he soon realizes that he could run the company better than the executives in charge. Foster simply pretends he's an executive and effectively takes over the job. Though this exact method won't work in real life, the practice of dressing and acting for the job you want is a valid one. Act as if you have what you're after and it will come to you.

Movies are a fun starting point for financial lessons, but you'll learn even more if you continue your education with real world resources like Fisher Investments Market Minder. Strive to continually learn more and you'll be a financial wizard in no time.
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