Top Technologies We Wouldn't Have Believed Thirty Years Ago

I've heard it said that the present is a disappointment in terms of technology. Watch any sci-fi movie set in the 80s and you'll see that we were supposed to have flying cars, silver jumpsuits and teleporters by now. None of these things are anywhere to be seen though and for the most part life seems to be carrying on much as it always has. Where's the intergalactic council??

If you feel that way though, it's only because you have simply accepted many of the innovations that are now part of our every day. No, there aren't any flying cars, but what there is is just as fantastic and amazing. We aren't impressed by it now because it's 'normal', but 30 years ago it would have been just as impressive. Let's take a look at some of the most incredible technologies...


When you actually stop to think about what your smartphone is capable of, it becomes apparent that you have a very sci-fi piece of technology in your pocket. It can play games almost as impressive as your PC, it can be used for word processing and computing, it can direct you home and it can bring up any piece of information you could want wherever you are in the world...

The Cloud

The cloud is certainly a science fiction concept when you think about it and particularly when you think of cloud computing or cloud gaming. Not only is it now possible to store files remotely and access them from anywhere in the world, it's also possible to play the latest 3D games on our phones by controlling a remote PC over a fast connection. Eventually we won't even need to have upgrades on our machines because none of the files will be run locally. So you could play Crysis 10 on your shirt button... Pretty immense.
From managed hosting on the cloud to services like Evernote there are many instances where our files are no longer constrained to a single location - but this is only set to improve with time.

Augmented Reality

This is one of the ones that you often do see in the smarter Sci-Fi films, so it's incredibly exciting that it's finally becoming a reality. Augmented reality essentially means the overlay of digital information on top of real world stimuli and the most incredible example of this has no doubt got to be Google Glass. Yes, glasses you can wear that tell you how to get home via arrows on the streets and that can translate foreign languages for you as you hear them. That's pretty impressive...


Minority Report may have guessed right when it suggested we'd someday use gestures to interact with computers but before that film this was something most fiction didn't really consider. The Kinect truly is a remarkable implementation of this technology and while the device hasn't exactly been a roaring success (thanks to a lack of software support) the future is certainly bright for this one.


We knew there would be cloning at some point in the future but who could have guessed how far it would have come already? Dolly the Sheep is old news - in California cloning has become commercial with multiple people ordering clones of their pets, while a project is currently on-going to resurrect the Woolly Mammoth through cloning. Jurassic Park is on the horizon...

Author Bio:
Today's guest post is courtesy Daniel Nector. He is a big fan of sci-fi movies and feels that some of the technologies in today's digital age bear close resemblance to the 1980s movies. When he isn't busy studying, he spends time watching movies and writing articles.

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