5 Innovative Security Gadgets For Your Home

The economic crisis has given birth to robberies, vandalism, and murders. Because of these crimes, many people are now paying more attention to their security and safety, even in their own homes. Security is crucial and if your care for your family, your property, and your valuables, you should take necessary precautions to improve your home security.

The best way to enhance security at home is by installing high quality and functional security gadgets. Home security systems have come a long way since its early days, and the availability of various options make it easier for homeowners, like you, to choose the best gadgets. Here are a few of the most innovative and smart security gadgets which you can consider.

Fake TV

The trick which involves leaving a light on when you leave your house has been used so many times; thus, you can be sure that burglars know about that trick as well. A random timer that turns the light on can help deter would-be criminals, but it is better to fool them into thinking that your home is occupied by making it look like someone's watching TV.

You can leave your television on as you go out, but you will put your house at risk of accidents. What you can do instead is to install a fake TV. The sensor allows the Fake TV to turn on automatically at dusk. When viewed outside, the moving LED lights produced by this device will give the illusion that someone is at home, watching television. The light flickers like a TV but with this device, you won't need to put your house at risk of accidents and you won't have to suffer from huge electricity bills.

Barking Dog Alarm

Most of us know that burglars and guard dogs are not a good combination. In addition, burglars are less likely to rob a home if there's a chance that a dog is guarding the house. In fact, home insurance providers can give homeowners a good deal on their home insurance premium if they own several dogs. For this reason, many homeowners choose to keep guard dogs to deter criminals; however, if you cannot take on the responsibility of having a dog, the next best thing is to install a barking dog alarm.

The barking dog alarm has a motion sensor that can detect when an intruder is approaching. The sensor will then trigger a 3-stage guard dog sound effects alarm.
- First stage: a warning bark
- Second stage: the barking will build-up if he intruder doesn't back away.
- Third stage: the alarm will sound like a very mad guard dog getting ready to attack the intruder

Wireless Door Mat Alarm

Visitors will always ring your doorbell when they visit; however, uninvited guests, such as burglars and intruders, won't announce themselves. This gadget is pressure sensitive and it immediately sounds an alarm when uninvited guests steps on your door mat. You can place the wireless door mat alarm under your welcome mat. It lets you know when someone is standing on your door. You can place this mat at the most likely entry points, such as inside your entry way, below the fire escape window, or along the hallway leading to your room.

Biometric Door Lock

This state-of-the-art lock is the latest home security gadget you can install to your doors. With a biometric fingerprint lock, you won't need a key, and burglars will have a hard time breaking the system.

This system is battery operated and it can be programmed to register several fingerprint users; thus, it is perfect for the whole family. Some systems come with back-up keys while some can be accessed via pass code. The keys and pass code can be considered as an additional layer of security that can keep burglars away. These biometric locks are not limited to doors since there are also biometric safes where you can store your money and valuables.

IP Camera

Security cameras are still considered as one of the best burglar deterrent. Despite the available high-tech gadgets and devices, security cameras are still very capable of lowering the risks of burglary and trespassing. But security cameras have come a long way. There are now IP cameras which can be installed easily around the house. These cameras now use infrared light-emitting-diodes and high quality sensors which transmits stark images, even when there is not enough light.

These cameras can be connected through Wireless Internet or LAN so that you can view real time video online. With that said, you can easily access your footage wherever you go as long as you can connect online.

Author Bio:
Kris Hopkins is a gadget enthusiast and she occasionally writes for technology websites. In this article, she lists a few of the most innovative and smart home security gadgets available today. To learn more about keeping your home safe, you can click here.

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