10 Mobile Apps To Take Your Business To The Next Level In 2013

2013 is here, and every business owner is looking for ways on how to make their investments more productive using mobile apps. Read on the following 10 mobile apps that are neither new or have new features, and discover how you can take full advantage of them and make your business more productive this year.

Meeting Mapper and Mapper Fierce

This an elegant and intuitive application designed for iPads that make gathering up and mapping information you need easy and very successful during meetings. The Meeting Mapper works by tracking the role and stance of all the attendants of the meeting and make the creation of actions or steps of the meeting easy and automatically scheduled for a simple follow up.

The EchoSign for ISO

This is a new e-signature app for traveling sales representatives who need to have contracts signed in due course. The EchoSign allows you to sign, send and manage documents from the application. With this app, you don't have to carry large documents with you since you can access them from the mobile device or Dropbox and get them signed immediately in person.


This application provides users with the opportunity to synchronize files between its platform and their mobile devices. It provides a secure way to retrieve sensitive or confidential files. In addition, Workshare helps users to collaborate readily from any location with real time insight into comments, file updates as well as access to any device.

Evernote for Business

This application is now in its fifth version that includes functionalities that have been upgraded. This product has features that makes it a must upgrade especially for companies that rely majorly on collaboration.

Dropbox for teams

In 2013, Dropbox has seen an upgrade to Dropbox for teams and an upgrade would definitely be a wise consideration. The two major additional features include integrated file revision history and enhanced options for sharing. This powerful app for business and teams is a perfect alternative for traditional file storage servers.

Tappery for organization

This new app was built for purposes of sharing knowledge and learning new information. It is much different from the social tools such as Sales force Chatter or Yammer as it integrates with many of the traditional technologies. It supports iPads and iPhones.

The Rabble Browser for iPads

This Float Mobile Learning product makes files, URLS and anything that's stored on Dropbox pretty much easy to do. With this application, any number of Ipads in a meeting or conference room can chat or even share a browsing session instantly. It streamlines conversations that allow users to see the same things simultaneously with no need of typing a web address or mail attachment.


This is the top rated virtual assistant for iOS, Windows or Android, and is perfect for a more productive business. In fact, the Speaktoit was among the top 10 in NY Times mobile apps of 2012, and with a prospect of additional features this year, the app is a must have for your business.

UX Write for iPad and iPhone

If you are rarely in your office and find it difficult dealing with large complex documents from you iPad, then this mobile app is designed for you. The UX Write has the capability to bring word processing and desktop systems to your iPhone or iPad. This powerful and economical app can create research papers, books and reports.

StratPad v2

StratPad premiered in 2012 as an iPad application and has become one the highest rated apps in iTunes, according to its developers. With its integration with Yammer, this app allows business entrepreneurs to collaborate on business planning strategies online. StratPad promises to provide file synchronization in real time across several devices, watch out for this super app in spring this year.

Cash Flow Program

This program allows you to get better control of your money. It is a simple and easy to use tracking system that will reveal to you the reality of how much money your expenditures cost and where your money goes. This gives business owners a chance to evaluate their priorities and therefore make adjustments to their needs.

Author Bio:
Joe is a passionate blogger and works for a supplier of cash flow program. 
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