5 Coolest Gadgets Of The Last Year

2012 was an interesting year as far as technology and gadgets go. We saw the iPhone 5 make its grand entrance sometime in September, Windows came out with the new OS upgrade Windows 8, and Google finally made a mark with the Nexus series. Although some technologies came with a few bugs – Windows 8- there were a number of fine additions to the world of technology and as Apple, Google, Microsoft and other major giants compete for market domination, were likely to see more of the same in the years to come.
Some other cool techy devices from the same year didn’t make much of a splash, but we got all of them, so here’s a list of the top 5 gadgets of 2012:

Apple basically found a solution to the world’s need for an all-in-one computer, which was a hit back in 2011. However, with all the hype about the iPhone and Mini iPad, a lot of people didn’t quite notice the iMac computer. You get everything you need to run the computer right on the monitor, which is an impressive 5mm in width, making it one of the slimmest models in the market. The iMac also comes with impressive speeds but it will set you back $1,299.

It’s no surprise that the Nexus 7 tablet is on this list. When Google came out with this 7-inch tablet, so many people rushed out to buy it that the online Google store crashed, and within hours, the product had run out. It’s with good reason that millions of people were waiting for this tablet; it really is that good. The operating system on this device is Android 4.1, which can always be updated to the more advanced 4.2 Jelly Bean OS: In fact, anyone who buys it now gets the latter OS.

The processor is a quad-core and the graphics are to-die-for, making it excellent for games and movies. The tablet is also significantly lightweight, so it's ideal for carrying to school, work or while traveling. In addition to this, Google set the price at an affordable $199 for those on a budget who only need 32GB memory.

Tablet users often have a hard time writing on the touch screen, especially if they are new to it. You can always attach a keyboard to it, but then you would have to find a way to tilt the screen or stand the tablet up. Using a laptop is an alternative, but they are big, heavy and bulky. The 

Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 13 came to offer a solution to this problem with four setup modes:
- Standard laptop mode
- Complete with easy keyboard accessibility
- Tablet mode where the screen can be flipped back to create a tablet
- Straight mode, where the computer stands straight up
- Flat mode. This one involves the keyboard laying flat on a table and the screen standing upright.
The operating system on the Ideapad is Windows 8, and it will set you back $999.

The Chromebook hasn’t quite taken off yet, but it offers great tools for Google buffs. With it, you have full access to all Google sites including Youtube, Gmail, GTalk and anything else Google runs. In order to access these websites, you need to create a Gmail account, and then you can synchronize your accounts and have access to different Google websites with the same ID. This computer comes with its own antivirus and it is automatically updated so you can begin work and let it take care of itself. RAM is 2GB and the hard drive offers 320GB storage.
It is a great device for students and commuters who need to check up on school work or business constantly. For those who need additional space the Google Chromebook comes with an additional 100GB of cloud storage which can be accessed through Google Drive, and the laptop is much cheaper than the average computer at $200.

If you are a fan of automated controllers, then you'll love the Tuxedo Touch. It is a state-of-the-art building security automated controller, which comes with an inbuilt camera viewer, digital picture frame, web server and the simplest interface. It works as an integrated security system which can easily be combined with security cameras, locks, lights and shades, and the web server allows the user to control the gadget from virtually anywhere in the world and access video.

The Tuxedo Touch connects to any iPhone, Blackberry or Android device using WiFi or Ethernet to transmit to the local area network. With up to four cameras attached to your mobile device and an efficient Homewell Total Connect system you can easily monitor your home security from any location and with the added features, on the system such as the digital picture frame, you can use an SD card to manage the feature and view the frames as a slideshow.
The world of technology has gotten much more revolutionary in the last decade or so, and the release of versatile technologies seems to be dominating the major markets now. People want more in a single gadget and each season sees a number of flops so manufacturers have a harder time keeping up with the trends. Last year we saw huge releases as Apple and Google faced off in the must-haves smart gadgets of 2012; and we’re likely to see more of that this year as more technologies are unveiled.

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