5 Apps You Want Your High Schoolers Playing With At School

With today's technology and the development of virtual applications, getting ahead in education has become much easier than in past generations. If you are a parent of a high schooler, ensuring they are getting the most from their smart phones or tablets will help them to excel even more in school while increasing their interest in learning. There are loads of applications available today that are terrific for high school students considering the different classes and coursework that are often standard requirement for graduation as well as advanced classes for college preparation.

Graphing Calculator

Purchasing a graphing calculator can sometimes cost more than $100 depending on the brand you are searching for and the features you are seeking in the calculator. When you don't want to invest in a graphing calculator for your high school student, downloading a free or relatively inexpensive application such as the official graphing calculator is highly recommended. Many graphing calculators allow you to perform all of the same functions as a traditional calculator without the costly investment required when purchasing a handheld calculator.

The Chemical Touch

This inexpensive app features the periodic table, but brings it to life in ways that only a touch screen can. With just a few touches you can color code the table according to various qualities including mass, density, and boiling point. If by some chance you can't find the information you need within the app itself, you can just touch the in-app internet button to open the Wikipedia page for the element or chemical you're researching. Unfortunately for android users, this is only available for select Apple devices. The good news is, that there are quality periodic table apps available for android that are free to low cost.


Download the Shakespeare application if your high schooler is studying Shakespeare in class or if they simply have an interest in Shakespeare. The application is free to download on both android applications as well as Apple products including iPhones, iPods and iPads. Shakespeare (the app) features 154 sonnets and 41 plays that were penned by Shakespeare (the person), making it a perfect choice whether your high schooler is studying material from either Shakesperean plays or sonnets.

World Atlas

Using a world atlas application is a way to help your high schooler become more familiar with the world around them while also gaining insight when researching for geography and social studies classes. A world atlas provides information about locations, travel, and the entire globe within just a few seconds as opposed to reading traditional atlas books.


Simplenote is a must-have application on all mobile phones, whether you have a high schooler or you want to utilize a virtual notepad yourself. Using Simplenote in high school is a paperless and easy method of writing and storing quick notes that can be accessed within seconds without the use of traditional notebooks and pens. Using Simplenote is a way to remember homework, upcoming tests to study for and even specific information relating to projects or presentations that are assigned. Also, these notes are far less likely to get lost and crumpled in their backpack or locker.

Taking advantage of inexpensive or free easy-to-use applications while in high school can help your child to excel in virtually any subject. Utilizing applications on a regular basis is also a way to vastly expand knowledge in different areas of study ranging from composition and algebra to Earth science and today's politics. Understanding how to download applications and put them to use is extremely beneficial for those in high school who want to stay ahead academically.

Author Bio:
Benjamin Turner is a science teacher that loves technology. Benjamin enjoys informing parents and students alike on new apps or advances in technology that can make learning fun and perhaps easier. He has also contributed to finding the best places to get a masters in education online for people seeking to further their education to start their career in teaching.

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