The Evolution Of BlackBerry

At one time BlackBerry phones were considered to be a testament to the technological prowess of man and served as a symbol of what a mobile phone should be. However, the trend of BlackBerry being on top of the market quickly changed with the release of Apple’s iPhone which quickly dominated the market and to date has not released its stranglehold. Since then 
Blackberry has been struggling to regain its premier position in the smart phone world and has effectively fallen to the middle of the pack when it comes to the best mobile devices on the market. There have been several attempts at mirroring the success of the iPhone and other touch screen devices on the part of BlackBerry for some years now, but all of them have fallen short of the achievement that BlackBerry is hoping the Z10 will represent.

Taking Pointers from More Successful Manufacturers

Blackberry is famous for their phones appearances and they have one of the most recognizable designs of any phone on the market. For the most part BlackBerry has specialized in phones that feature a QWERTY keyboard which is a physical feature of the device. Often times the keyboard of a BlackBerry can be slightly hard to use for some people because of how small the buttons are. Even with some older touch screen BlackBerry phones the keyboard is inadequate and has garnered little success for the brand. However with the Z10 BlackBerry is beginning to take a different approach to the mobile phone. The Z10 is completely touch screen with no external buttons to speak of and a high def 720p screen that measures 4.3 inches.

Multimedia Capabilities

The multimedia capabilities of BlackBerry devices have traditionally been subpar when compared to other, higher end devices like the iPhone and the Galaxy from Samsung. However the Z10 is a big leap forward for BlackBerry having 16Gb of standard storage which is expandable to 64 GB with the use of a memory card. The speakers provide loud and clear sound which even translates through to the headphone jack. As with all BlackBerry phones there is a movie player and an mp3 player, both of which are improved from previous BlackBerry models. The 720p 4.3 inch screen provides a large viewing platform for pictures and videos and provides some of the clearest resolution of any BlackBerry’s previous models.

A Good Choice for Most

Whilst some people have traditionally shied away from BlackBerry phones because of their perceived design flaws, the Z10 represents a whole new era in BlackBerry devices by completely integrating every feature of the phone into the touch screen capability of the device. The optical track pad, a BlackBerry signature, is completely missing and scrolling and browsing is finally all touchscreen operated, making for a much more pleasant experience browning the web and navigating through the device. New features truly make the BlackBerry Z10 a user-friendly experience and although it is a bit pricey compared to some other smartphones, the Z10 is well worth the cost.

Author Bio:
Laura Ginn searches the web for new products to share with customers of uSwitch. Recently she reviewed the BlackBerry Z10 and found that it is an amazing change in several areas. A real change from what people equate with BlackBerry.

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