Choosing an Internet Speed for Your Home

Having Internet in your home gives you endless access to information, communication tools and entertainment. It broadens your world, but it also costs money. And the faster your Internet, the more money it costs.

As you decide which Internet speed is right for you, it’s important for you to consider the advantages of high speed Internet. Here are some important advantages for you to consider:

Access to Library Databases

Both public and private libraries house a wealth of data online. Some of these files can be extremely large. With high speed Internet, it is easier and a lot faster to access this information. It also gives you worldwide access to facilities with which you might otherwise not be able to access. It's not hard to imagine pulling audio from a speech from England or viewing a copy of a Civil War journal from the other side of the country. But it's only easy with a high-speed connection.

Health Care

Online resources such as WebMD give you instant access to health care professionals. While these forums don’t replace traditional doctors visits all together, they do provide a great resource. Unsure if you should go to the doctor? Have a simple, nagging question? Quick answers are one of the advantages of high speed Internet. When it comes to health, the quicker the better.


There’s nothing more frustrating than your movie pausing to load mid kiss. High speed Internet allows you to stream videos from popular sites without your video frequently freezing. 

Better Business

For some, telecommuting is a huge perk. For others, working from home is a requirement. Regardless of the why, the advantages of high speed Internet allow you to easily video chat with colleagues or clients and share documents.


Whether you are a Dungeons and Dragons master or you just like a good game of Word of Warcraft now and again, you will enjoy the advantages of the high speed Internet. It can help take your gaming to the next level as you can quickly respond to attacks and communicate with fellow players.

Always On

At first there was dial up Internet which required tying up a phone line. This meant each time you wanted to access the web, you needed sign on. (Remember waiting to hear those three little words, “You’re got mail”?) One of the advantages of high speed Internet is instant access all the time. Gone are the days of dial tone waiting.


The Internet in general has changed the way we meet people and connect with them. Sonnets can now be posted on Facebook walls and emails can be used as an introduction. Perhaps one of the biggest social changes the Internet has made can be found in the dating world. Sites like and OK Cupid have become a go-to for finding your partner. Among the advantages of high speed Internet is faster access to prospective profiles. Checking out what fish are in the sea has never been so easy.

Worldwide Communities

It used to takes days or months for news to travel and that is if it traveled at all. Access to high speed Internet means you can be connected to the rest of the world in real time. Worldwide communities can be formed around interests and causes. News is available for the masses.

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Nichole Knupp is a freelance blogger and marketing professional who writes guest posts and website content for a variety of different blogs and niches that interest her. Her main interests are technology, marketing, blogging, SEO, business and careers.

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