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Modern technology can offer you various security solutions for your home. If you already have an iPod, iPhone or any Android phone you can install different home security apps to protect your home from burglars when you’re at work or on vacation. A combination of apps and home security gadgets would make your home unattractive for criminals.

iScared Personal Security App
This amazing app would make you feel secure. If you don’t feel safe going home late at night or simply scared to stay at home alone, let your friends know that you’re in danger. This app would send a notification with your location to your friends when you feel threatened. All you need to do is to start the app when you don’t feel safe. In case you don’t disarm the countdown, your friends would receive an alert message with your location.

Foscam Surveillance Pro
First of all, you need to install several Foscam IP cameras and connect them to the app on your phone. You will keep an eye on your elderly mother or a newborn baby when you’re in another room. This app will provide you with the live video from different cameras in your house. You can also enjoy the following options:
- You can choose the camera’s angle and switch from one camera to another.
- Motion detection would switch the cameras on and send you an email notification.
- Zooming in and out has never been easier;
- You can change the brightness and resolution of your camera;
- Set an alarm and turn the camera on whenever you want;
- You can have up to 6 videos on the screen.

Door wedge alarm
This small affordable device is extremely effective. It would block your door from opening inwards. The sound of an alarm would prevent any burglar from entering into your apartment.

Seedonk Camera viewer 
This app allows you to use your Android phone to view USD webcam. Connect your computer to the internet and switch on your USB camera. You will receive instant updates on your phone and see what’s going on in your room while you’re gone. You can go to another room and check on your baby through this app. You can also leave the camera on when you’re away from your house, or ask your friends to check the camera once in a while.

Driveway alarms
This alarm would notify you, in case anyone enters your driveway or walkway around your house. Infrared motion sensors would detect any strangers on your property and set and alarm inside your house. You will have enough time to see who is coming and decide what to do.

Geo-Tag blocker
Social media sites provide burglars with all kinds of valuable information about your location. If you don’t want to announce your current location on Facebook, but still want to post a new picture, use this app to remove all location data before you decide to post anything. This way no one would know where the picture was taken. You will keep your current location a secret.

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Guest post by contributing author Richard O.

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