5 High Tech Luxury Hotels To Vacation

As the ever-growing roster of high tech hotels expands, you might be relieved to know the search for the five best still offers relaxing days and beautiful, romantic sunsets at night.  Just as technology is important at home, it is equally important on vacations.  The five hotels selected go beyond the iPod dock, and reliable Internet connections now found in most hotel rooms.  The popular trend found worldwide in luxury hotels includes touch screens to control room amenities, like TV, music and movies.  These hotels place the “wow factor” back into your vacation.

Ukraina Hotel
The recently updated and historic Ukraina Hotel in Moscow received the title “Royal Radisson.”  The AMX controls added to each room makes maneuvering lighting, drapes, your account information, and food service simple regardless of language.  The user interface, designed just for this project now allows guests to select their language.  This includes languages using the alphabets that are Arabic, Cyrillic, or Hieroglyphic.  Additionally, there are special pictograms for the primary functions to make it easy for even the youngest guests to use the panel, regardless of language.

Star Hotel & Casino
The Star Hotel sets across the sea in Sydney Harbor, Australia.  The 174 luxury suites allow guests to control television, lighting, temperature, Bose Cinematic music system and so much more.  Every suite features the “Leaving Room” button at the front door to turn lights to the energy saving mode.  When guests return the room greets you by turning on the lights, opening curtains, the welcome message and you can select “Privacy” so you are not disturbed.

The Plaza
The legendary Plaza Hotel in New York City has an equally legendary general manager, Shane Krige.  Therefore, it did not surprise anyone when the Apple iPad first came out and he walked across the street to the Apple Store and bought many for guests to enjoy.  After the Plaza team discovered everything the device could do, they purchased an iPad for every room.  When guests arrive there is a personalized welcome screen explaining the Interactive Customer Experience, termed ICE.

Paradisus Palma Real
This fun resort, located in the Dominican Republic, features flat-screen televisions, CD player, marble bathrooms with jet showers, and a Jacuzzi for two.  Charming family concierges lavish all their attentions on the children, who receive their own check-in service, one of their amenities are mini-size plush robes and slippers.  There is also “Kids Zone” and water sports.  Additional activities include horseback excursions and spectacular “Scuba Doo” the underwater biking with oxygen.  This resort would be a dream vacation for the whole family.

The Ahwahnee Hotel
The beauty of Yosemite National Park makes it a must see for everyone and staying at the Ahwahnee Hotel features luxury accommodations located right in the middle of the park.  This is the grand 1920’s-era lodge has played host to many famous people, including Lucille Ball and President John F. Kennedy.  Every room is the showcase for breathtaking views, almost 1,000 miles of hiking trails, nature trails, and activities to enjoy all year round.

For many places, high tech means high cost, but not for long as technology continues to make the world smaller the costs will decrease.  Wherever you are going in the world, it just makes sense to know your hotel’s tech capabilities so you have a more enjoyable vacation.

Author Bio:
Noc enjoys using all the technology a hotel has to offer when vacationing and sometime uses Travel Advantage Network for accommodations.

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