Monday, March 4, 2013

The X-Power is a portable speaker as well as a battery charger for your electronic devices such as your mobile phone, iPad or MP3 player.

The Box:

The box has a nice design, it is in black color and it looks simple.

Inside you will find speaker/battery/charger, USB cable and user manuals. USB cable has standard connectors on both ends.


The X-Power looks like a metal tube and it feels heavy, it looks and feel well made.

On the tube there are small pinholes with four tiny LEDS.

On the top end there is a split which you need to lift and rotate to open it and under there is plugs and audio connector.

At the other end is the speaker that outputs the music you play when your phone or other gadgets are connected.


In order to use the speaker, all you have to do is, swirl the top and connect the phone via the 3.5mm Jack, and let it rest on the X-Power.


X-Power 3 in 1 Speaker, Emergency Battery and Stand
The X-Power is a portable speaker as well as a battery charger for your electronic devices such as your mobile phone, iPad or MP3 player.
Portable speaker, desk stand and emergency charger all in 1
The X-Power is a 3-in-1 portable speaker, charger and desk stand for your mobile phone, tablet computer or MP3 player.  It allows you to play music through the speaker, whilst docking your device at a convenient and easy-to-view angle so you can still access the internet, emails and text messages without having to hold your phone or removing it from the speaker.  It cleverly detects any device’s audio signal and turns itself on or off accordingly, saving battery power.
Built in USB port to charge your device
The X-Power also has a built in USB port which allows you to connect any USB cable to your device and it’ll keep your device charged up whilst you’re listening to your tunes. The X-Power features a 2200mAh lithium battery which has enough power to give a typical smartphone one full charge from empty.  The X-Power itself can be re-charged with the included lead.
Enjoy your music at high volumes with the high quality speaker
The high quality speaker allows you to enjoy your music at high volumes so you can enjoy your music the way that it’s meant to be heard – loud and clear! The end of the X-Power rotates and automatically details any audio signal which turns the speaker on.  If the X-Power detects no audio signal, it will automatically turn the speaker off saving the battery.
Universal compatibility
The speaker is designed to work with any device which features a 3.5mm audio socket, meaning not only will it work with most handsets, but will work with tablets and MP3 players too. Being 3.5mm, the X-Power has universal compatibility, meaning if you change your device you won’t have to change the X-Power.
Price: £27.95 / $43.44
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