Must Have Technology For Todays Students

In or out of the classroom, today's students rely heavily on their electronic devices and Internet connection.

A recent survey conducted by CourseSmart and Wakefield research is a clear indicator of just how important digital technology is to them. The survey included input from 500 U.S. college students. Here are some of the key findings regarding these students preferences with using technology for their school work:

- 38% can't wait more than 10 minutes without checking their smartphone, tablet, laptop or e-reader. 
- 65% create presentations using a digital device.
- 70% take notes using a keyboard rather than writing on paper.
- 73% can't effectively study without using some form of technology.
- 81% use it to conduct research and prepare papers.
- 91% cited email as the preferred method for communication with their professors.

There is no doubt that today's students are very comfortable and proficient using a variety of digital devices and software. However, what technology is the most widely preferred by students?

Below is a summary of some of the most widely used electronic devices that students are putting to work at school.

A smartphone is a students "on-board" personal communication and utility device. No matter where they go, they have the ability to stay connected with their friends, family and professors. Beyond the ability to "talk and text," a students smartphone can provide many more functions including calculator, calendar, note taker, voice recorder, camera (video and still), video player, music player, gaming device, dictionary and many other features need for entertainment and school.

The Apple iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones student use. Apple has been a leader in smartphone technology and offers a number of models with a range of capabilities and price points.

Students don't have time to deal with a slow, complicated or non-functioning computer. They need a well configured laptop (i.e. memory, storage, processor speed and software) that can handle the performance demands that students place on them. Students need to do word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, chat, email, browse the web, transmit files, manage photos and play DVD's.

The Apple MacBook Air or MacBook Pro are a great choice for students. They provide all the technical capabilities and ease of use that students prefer.

Every day, students need to take notes during lectures and labs. Often, it's difficult to keep up with the lecture. A smarten helps the student because it records everything that the student writes and hears in class. This allows the student to replay a recording of the lecture after the fact.

The Sky Smartpen by Livescribe is a great choice for a student to use.

Laser Printer
Ink jet printers are cheaper, but a good laser will hold up better and the cost for the supplies is lower.

Brother and HP offer excellent models for students.

Students with this list of technology should be well prepared to hit the books and party some too!

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