Tips For Managing Your Online Reputation

The Internet is a powerful thing, and if you want your business to succeed, you need to make sure that you not only have an online reputation, but that you also manage it so that it’s the best it can be.
So how do you manage your online reputation to ensure that company is highlighting all of its best features? You use these tips.

Get online.
If you want to manage your online reputation, you need to take your online reputation into your own hands. This means that you’ll want to create a website, start a blog, join social media networks, or claim your business on online review websites in order to have places to talk about your company. You can push out the best features of your business and get to know your audience by having all of these online tools in your pocket, and this will help you grab hold of your reputation.

Engage your audience.
Once you’ve created the online presence, it’s important that you also engage your audience through these platforms. Post status updates to Facebook, push out information through Twitter, add promotions to the review websites and write consistent and interesting blog posts. By engaging your audience, you are making them more interested in your company and what you have to say, and you’ll also generate more interest in your business.

Hire a community manager.
Instead of trying to maintain and manage your online reputation on your own, you should consider hiring a community manager. These individuals know how to use all the online tools to create a name and a brand for your business’s online, and they can generate reports on how these platforms are working for your business. Plus, you are allowing one main person to be in charge of your accounts as their sole responsibility, which means that your online platforms will never be put on the back burner.

Listen to what your audience is saying.
Whether a customer leaves a post on your Facebook page or writes a review about your business on Yelp, it’s important that you read what was said and provide a response. Not only will this put you in touch with what your audience wants, but paying attention to what’s being said allows you to respond in a timely manner, and this can help to alleviate any negative online comments that could be a potential hazard to your business.

Use all the tracking tools.
There are plenty of tracking tools available for your business to manage its online presence, and you need to make sure you sign up for those that will help you. Tools like 
Hootsuite can provide you with every mention of your company on social media. Tools like Review Trackers can provide you with alerts any time your company is mentioned on a review website. This makes managing and monitoring your online presence easier, as everything that is said can be found in one easy-to-use dashboard. You can even opt to have alerts sent directly to your email.
Managing your online presence is important, and by using these tips, you’ll have a better grip of your online reputation.

Author Bio:
Kathryn Thompson is an online reputation manager.  She shows others how to track reviews and stresses how important it is to track all review sites.
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