5 Ways To Keep Your Customer Happy

Keeping your customers happy and trouble-free is very important if you want your business to be successful, and merely doing a good job isn’t going to cut it.

In order to maintain strong relationships with your customers you’ll need to step up your game, so here are some ideas you may want to keep in mind:

#1 Communication and getting to know your customer
When you work with people day in and day out you are bound to strike up some personal conversations along the way. Use them to your advantage and get to know your customer on a different level.
The more you communicate with a customer the more you begin to understand them, what they like and don’t like, making them easier to satisfy. A customer who feels comfortable talking to you will most likely continue to use your services.

#2 In the loop
Never keep a customer in the dark.
If there is a situation involving the delivery of their product let them know, they will appreciate the honesty and not be nearly as troubled by the delay.
However this doesn’t mean that you can let the problem disappear into the background; the faster you fix the problem the more reliable you will appear to a customer leading them to believe that they can trust you.

#3 The extra mile
A sure way to keep customers happy is going the extra mile.
This may be very broad idea, but it is there to remind you to think about what you are selling and how you can spice it up. Quick ideas include a small play area for children or special deals and decorations for when the big holidays come around.
Providing complementary services is also a good way to get your name trapped in your customers head. People like being able to call one person and know that they will be able to resolve all their problems without a fuss.

#4 Understand what you customer wants
It’s easy to make a mistake on a product when you don’t understand what your customer wants, so make sure you have a comprehensive understanding of what your customer is looking for right from the start. Even if you have to ask a few silly questions in order to do so, it will be worth it in the long run.

#5 Be kind and calm
The customer may not always be right but doesn’t hurt to pretend that they are.
Customers are human too and sometimes their bad day can become yours if you are not careful and don’t keep calm. If a customer does have a problem and happens to blame you for it the best course of action would be to just apologize and move on. At a later stage you can discuss the issue quietly.

Keep your plate clean and don’t give a customer a reason to dislike you and try to always wear a smile, it’s cliché but it works.

Author Bio:
Shireen Louw is an wedding photographer specialising in natural light photography and based in Cape Town, South Africa.
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