5 New Pieces Of Tech To Make Your House Awesome

About to move into a new house or in the process of renovating the old one? Maybe you are looking for some cool new tech to add a bit futuristic look to your home. Here are some quirky products you may want to invest on which will give your apartment the “wow” effect.

Pour Me Some Light
Designed by the Korean young talent Yeongwoo Kim, this Pouring Light lamp uses the LED lights situated in the lampshade in the shape of a bucket. The lights linger on with a mesmerizing effect with the help of phosphorescence in the “water” part, which gives off “an emotional flow of light”.
The lamp is both a cool piece of technology and a piece of art. Enjoy “a cup of light” with a book before going to bed. You will surely feel the dream-like atmosphere in your room.

Waste No Waste Eco Cleaner 
Worried about too much chemical residue on the washed plates? Concerned with water pollution created by the washing detergent? Here comes the Electrolux Eco cleaner which is designed for the eco-friendly families with fewer plates to clean. The designer Ahi Andy Mohsen anticipates that our dining habits will change in the future: fewer dishes will be needed during mealtimes and the process of cleaning dishes will be more simplified.
This portable, compact dishwasher in the shape of a capsule uses ultrasonic waves to ionize food particles on the dishes, converting food and grease to reusable compost for plants. Waste will no longer be wasted; instead, it will turn into healthy meals for your greens.

Laser Robot Vacuum 
A couple of years ago, the dream of all working mothers came true: a robot could clean their houses for them without complaining. But the designer Neato Robotics takes it to the next level by using laser in the cleaning process. This robot does not simply wander around in your house, sucking up the dust in their path until it fumbles its way and bumps into something. The laser function allows it to draw a map of your house and keep track of what has already been cleaned and what still needs to be done.

Geothermal Heating 
If you live in Australia and happened to have checked out the property for sale around Berwick and other regions in Victoria, you may notice that the trend of future households is sustainability. In other words, what your house needs is not something fancy but something cost-effective and something that helps preserve the environment.
Geothermal heating has recently become popular among new home owners. Like solar power, geothermal is an efficient renewable energy that is far more environmentally friendly than coal-powered electricity or gas. Pipes buried underground prevent the water from being influenced by the cold weather and keep your room at a pleasant temperature.

Smart Grid Appliances 
Sociologists have been telling us that network is our future. The various types of network allow modern beings to keep contact with other people and easily control information. Now imagine your entire house is networked: all the machines are interconnected and master-controlled by wireless!
The “Smart Grid Appliances” enable you to control the machines in your house from your smart phone or computer when you are not at home. You can even monitor the energy usage of each machine and diagnose their problems. Now, enjoy the feeling of being the real owner of your house.

Author Bio:
Yuan Liu is a freelancer in Australia. Having visited a Stockland property for sale in Berwick recently with her friends, she is helping them look for some new tech products for their new house.

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