5 Handy Apps to Manage Your Trip

So, you’re ready to set out and embark upon your travels, you’ve wrangled yourself some cheap business class tickets and a swanky new suitcase, but you can’t help but feel that familiar mix of dread and apprehension as you think about everything that travelling entails.

Travelling can be difficult, stressful and disorganised. With so many things to do and so much to remember, it’s easy to make mistakes, miss flights, get lost, waste time, lose money – it’s perilous terrain. But it’s time to ditch that looming sense of worry; with these 5 handy apps you’ll be relaxed, organised and managing your travel worry-free like a pro.

Gate Guru

Gate Guru is the ultimate app to help you navigate the airport, from flight details to gate locations to expected waiting times.

The “JourneyCard” interface provides travellers with weather details, check-in locations, departure times, flight status’ and more, all applicable to your flight and journey, which you input at start. The “FlightCard” interface provides accurate and up-to-date details about your flight, from delays to security wait times.

Gate Guru also allows you to reserve a rental car and view a list of amenities that will be easily available to you, based on your locations at the airport. You can even track your travel stats. It’s the best app so far for efficiency and convenience at the airport.

Google Translate

Google translate allows the international traveller to carry peace of mind in his or her pocket. This app is ideal for those visiting foreign-speaking countries. It streamlines the process of navigating and communicating in a land that uses a different language to your own, all you have to do is type or speak the foreign word of phrase and Google will provide you with a translation. Likewise, you can type or speak a word or phrase in your native tongue to get the required foreign translation. Google Translate will even be able speak the phrase for you, to help with pronunciation.

It also has a conversation mode for translating between two people, and keeps a history of phrases that you can save and use later. With over 50 languages, including foreign scripts, it’s an invaluable tool for anybody who might need to read, speak, understand or interact in an unfamiliar tongue.


Kayak allows you to organise all your transport and accommodation in one simple app. You can coordinate flights, car hire and hotels, compare prices, and even book them all through the app.

Kayak is linked to TripAdvisor too, so you can access hotel information, ratings and reviews from within the app. It also allows you to keep on track and organised during your trip, keeping track of any confirmation numbers, booking details and updating you on last minute detail changes.


An innovate new community-based navigation app, WAZE relies on user participation and real-time GPS coordination to provide users with a truly unique and efficient driving experience, especially for travellers who need help navigating new roads.

Waze will alert you of upcoming accidents, traffic jams, road closures, hazards and speed cameras. Waze will even let you know where is the cheapest place to stop for petrol without deviating from your route. It’s a great app for any traveller who loves the idea of avoiding traffic and wrong turns, optimising travel times and distances, and simply saving fuel, time and money.

XE Currency

The web’s most popular currency conversion program is now available as an app, easily accessible anytime, anywhere, from your mobile device. With over 180 currencies, you can access an instant and up-to-date currency conversion wherever you are. The app can also provide users with currency news, updates, and historical data. It’s an essential tool for international travellers, enabling you to accurately calculate prices in an instant.

All simple yet effective, these apps are invaluable tools to help you in your travels, no matter how far you’re going or how long for. Once you’ve tried them, you’ll never hesitate over the idea of travel again, seeing just how easy it can be with the right help.

Written by Jasmine Poole
Jasmine has travelled across 30 countries in the last 18 months. She is currently in Darwin, Australia.
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