How Will We Communicate In The Future?

One reason for mankind’s dominance on Earth is our ability to communicate with each other in a way that no other species is able. We have an advanced language that allows us to express complicated ideas and emotions and we can store ideas and information that can be used by future generations. Not only do we communicate vocally but we also use signals and technology to let others know what we are thinking.

Since the early days of smoke signals and carrier pigeons we have advanced and now use the Internet and radio to communicate with each other over vast distances. As the technology we have improves so we are better able to communicate with each other but things are unlikely to stop there. In the future the way we communicate with each other is likely to be considerably different to how we do now.

A Virtual World
As things stand it looks as though the internet is here to stay for some time and any UK SEO team is likely to have their hands full for the foreseeable future at least. Computing power is increasing along with the amount of information that can be sent by the internet all the time. These advanced capabilities mean that the internet as we know it is likely to change considerably and the job of any UK SEO company is also likely to undergo significant changes. Perhaps one day instead of chatting with friends and family through pages on social media, we will actually enter a virtual world where we get to chat with them ‘in person’.

Did you know that we already have the ability to read each other’s minds? It’s not some pseudo-science mumbo jumbo but an actual existing technology that allows us to do so, although the technology is still very crude. Using an MRI scanner we are able to get a very basic idea of which images a test subject is looking at and as with everything else associated with science and technology, this ability is likely to advance significantly. There may be a day that this basic technology becomes so advanced that we can use it to communicate by being able to read other people’s minds. Such access to the inner workings of the minds of other people would likely revolutionise the way many of us live our lives.

The Pub
It doesn’t matter how much technology will change our lives, we will still be human and have human desires. Although virtual reality may make communicating at great distances much easier it is unlikely to ever be quite the same as actually being there in person. Brick and mortar pubs and restaurants are likely to be around in one form or another for as long as mankind is on Earth to help satiate our desire for company. Family homes will always have dining tables where the family get together and share their experiences. Even if UK SEO teams of the future do have a job unrecognisable to today’s it is likely they will still head to the pub or other social meeting points after work and make visits to family members whenever they get the opportunity.

With technology advancing at such an alarming rate, even in 5 or 10 years from now we may be communicating in ways that are very different form how we talk to each other today. Some advancements will simply be the development of ideas and theories that we are already well aware of, yet others will be completely new ideas. If you are impressed with the way we are able to communicate today, you’ll be even more impressed with what is left to come.

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Jann Webb is a writer who believes that the job of UK SEO companies is likely to change a lot in the future. However, she still suggests that they will be a big player in the online market if they are willing to adapt and change.
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