Top 5 Alternatives to Instagram

The recent revisions to Instagram's Terms of Use have left a lot of people unsure of whether they will continue using the service or not. Many are not willing to have their photos available for sale to advertisers and are abandoning their accounts. Others are staying because they can't find a suitable alternative, or don't know of any photo-sharing services that offer what Instagram does. If you're struggling to find an app to replace the beloved Instagram, here are 5 alternatives to the popular service that you can consider.

Camera Awesome
One of the advantages Camera Awesome has over Instragram is native iPad support. This app offers the ability for users to enhance photos using a variety of options, and has several humorous filters to select from including "More Cowbell," "Hoth" and "Joan of Art".

Flickr has been a favorite photo sharing website for some time. The recent update to its mobile app now sees it joining the growing trend of allowing users to use filters on their photographs. Users can select from 15 different filters, such as the traditional and popular black-and-white, enhanced color and warming filters, as well as extra filters like Chameleon and Panda. Flickr also has the added advantage of hosting its own website.

One of the key selling points of this app is that it is available across multiple platforms and is not exclusive to just iOS and Android devices. Login is available through Facebook and Twitter, and it also hosts its own standalone website. Users of Pixlr-O-Matic can apply overlays and borders to their images, add special effects and then save the new image and share it with others. It also has an option for the built-in randomizer to select effects to add for you, if you can't decide which to add for yourself.

Available for iPhone and Android devices, Streamzoo offers multiple possibilities with its various filters, borders and preset crops. Users can also select specific themes to create special streams and earn achievement badges based on their activity within the app.

After losing its ability to integrate photos from Instagram into tweets, the popular social network has developed its own set of filters to use on photos uploaded by the user. Currently, there are only 8 filters to choose from as the feature is still new, but look for more to be added in the near future.

Other Alternatives
If none of the above 5 seems to be what you are looking for, there are other alternatives out there that you can try, including Snapseed (available on iOS and Android), Tadaa (available only on iOS) and EyeEm (available on iOS and Android).

Retrieving Instagram Photos
If you are one of the people looking to leave Instragram, but don't want to lose all of the photos you have uploaded to the service, the app has an option to save each image you upload to your phone's camera roll.  The problem is that you would lose all of your
instagram followers and instagram likes. If you don't have this enabled, or have deleted the photos from your device already, you can use an export service such as Instaport to retrieve the photos, or alternatively save them individually to your computer using Webstagram. 

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