10 of the Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

We all know celebrities maintain luxurious lifestyles as they live in the most expensive and sought after destinations throughout the world. It is interesting to see just where and how your favourite celebrity resides. Chances are they’ll own numerous real estate properties throughout the world. Let’s have a look at 10 of the most expensive celebrity homes.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, $23 million

The list begins with the last action hero. Over 14,500 square feet and located in Brentwood County, California, this mansion maintains ten bathrooms, seven bedrooms and a tennis court for the Californian governor to enjoy. 

Michael Jordan - $29 million

This custom built home belongs to the 6-time NBA champion and of course features an indoor basketball court and his famous jersey number on the front gate, to go with nine bedrooms, 15 bathrooms and tennis court. 

Jerry Seinfeld - $32 million

Located in the Hamptons, New York, Jerry Seinfeld resides quite comfortably in this mansion. The rare facility that this home features is a baseball field, to go with 22 car garage, guesthouse and pool on the waterfront.  

Joe Montana - $35 million

Situated in Napa Valley, California, this 500 acre estate features a 9,700 square foot Tuscan style mansion. Some of the amenities include a skeet shooting range, olive farm, equestrian facilities and a basketball court. 

Alex Rodriquez - $38 million

This exquisite Miami Beach residence is located on the waterfront of Biscayne Bay. The mansion features 9 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, standalone gym, indoor and outdoor kitchens and a batting cage to help the baseball player practice. 

Hugh Hefner - $54 million

The world famous playboy mansion resides in bevery Hills, California. Boasting countless world class parties for well-known celebrities, Mr Hefner lives in sheer luxury which is also known for his zoo, aviary and waterfall. 

Oprah Winfrey – $85 million

Oprah lives like royalty in her 23,000 square feet mansion in Montecito, California. Now that she has retired from her talk shows, she has plenty of time to relax in her home known as ‘The Promised Land’. 

Gianni Versace - $100 million

We’re getting into the more valuable mansions now. This mansion features 10 themed bedrooms, 11 bathrooms and a 24 karat lined swimming pool. It is commonly known as the Versace mansion. 

Bill Gates - $147 million

The Microsoft billionaire resides in Medina, Washington in his 66,000 square foot mansion. You can imagine the endless list of amenities this place would include. The one rare feature worth mentioning, a library, which we are yet to come across in any other celebrity mansion. 

Aaron Spelling - $150 million

Aaron Spelling was a successful film and television producer. His mansion, worth $150 million, situates in Los Angeles, California and measures at 56,500 square feet. It boasts several sporting facilities such as a bowling alley and skating rink.

That rounds out the list of 10 of the most expensive and well known celebrity homes. It would be fine living with all these multi-million dollar real estate properties that these celebrities reside in.

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Jarred Matthews is a successful businessman based in Brisbane, Australia. His numerous projects over the years has seen him work with many reputable clients Australia wide. He recently completed a project with Downunder Screens and mentions that they offer the most efficient and quality patio enclosures, wardrobe doors, shower and insect screens in Brisbane.
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