Network Connected Appliances for Future Kitchens

Korean technology giant LG are once again leading the way when it comes to smart kitchens, as they once again launched a range of network connected appliances last year – this time with a whole host of new features added in.

Under the Smart thing moniker, the new range of LG appliances including fridges can be found at are bringing everyday homes into the future – it’s not just refrigerators though, as the company also unveiled a Wi-Fi washing machine; vacuum cleaner; and an electronic oven at last year’s CES show in Las Vegas, Nevada – not only that – there’s also software that allows all of these machines to talk to each other.

High Tech

Whether you would want your vacuum cleaner to “talk to” your fridge is up for debate, but what it means is that you could use your mobile phone (LG make a whole range of telephones, including the new Google Nexus, coincidentally) to set your washing machine to spin; turn on your oven when you’re heading home from work; you could even get alerts delivered to you intended to remind you to visit the store and pick up more milk, because yours is about to go out of date.

Touch Screen Technology

The new LG refrigerator and freezer uses touch screen panelling on the front, so that users are easily able to input all their goods as they buy them – perfect for helping consumers to manage their expiration dates and not waste so much food in future. 

Considering how much Brits waste each year (in 2011 the Guardian estimated that we throw out 7.2 million tonnes of food each year), this is definitely a step in the right direction, and it seems likely that we will see more of this kind of technology utilised by other brands in the future. The amount of waste we could cut down on could go some way towards paying for this expensive technology too, as right now it’s pretty expensive – as you might expect.
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