The Best Driving Roads in Europe

We’ve all seen that infamous Top Gear episode in which the presenters take a variety of super cars around Europe to find the ultimate driving route – the mighty Stelvio Pass in Northern Italy topped their list in the end and has a well deserved place in any European top five. As a number of motoring publications followed suit after the episode and created their own lists speculating which were the best European routes to experience, so have we! 

Read on for our top five:

1. Nurburgring, Germany 
This globally renowned race circuit is completely unique and travelled to extensively by motoring and racing enthusiasts around the world. The thirteen mile long ring road allows drivers to forget about oncoming traffic, looking in the rear view mirror and speed limits in favour of pushing their vehicles – and themselves – to the maximum. In terms of racing circuits, there are none that mimic real road conditions as this one does and many drivers fall prey to it’s twists, turns and inclines every year doing damage to themselves and their cars.

2. Betws-y-Coed triangle, North Wales 
Unlike the above, this is a public road and does have speed limits, its spectacular scenery and hilly terrain though make for a spirited drive, not unlike entering into a completely different world; beautiful and one of a kind.

3. Buttertubs Pass, North Yorkshire 
Buttertubs Pass (not least because of the awesome name!) makes it into the top five and also resides in the UK. Catch it’s twists, bumps and turns in the right conditions and this stretch of road is the closest thing UK motorists will get to an alpine route. Although there aren’t miles and miles of this road to experience, the short stretch there is, is pretty spectacular. A challenging drive, if the road itself doesn’t make your foot hit the brake pedal just a little more willingly the sheer drop on the other side will…

4. Stelvio Pass, Northern Italy 
It’s so special it deserves a second appearance in this post. Don’t attempt going all out unless you’re a very competent driver – excess confidence minus the required skill could end badly. Snaking perfectly and beautifully up the mountain this gem is nestled away in the Alps, although with the bends being predominantly blind and either a sheer rock face or a sheer drop situated next to the window this isn’t the ideal place to practice your cornering…perhaps enjoy the completely stunning scenery and the ride instead!

5. Autobahn, Germany 
Wouldn’t it be amazing if there were a road where there were no speed limits? Well here it is! Not all of the autobahn is de-restricted, the busy and populated areas have at least temporary limits put in place due to the volume of traffic, in general though – you can go as fast as you like. Although there are restrictions and suggestions, guidelines and all sorts of other sensible terminology the main name of the game is speed – so feel free to take your supercar to the max legally on Germany’s playground.

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