Job Hunting In The New Year - Tips On Making The Most Out Of A Tough Time

The New Year always seems to be one of the hardest times of year for job hunters. Perhaps you had a temporary job over Christmas that has now ended, or want to find a new career for a new year. Whatever your reason for job seeking during this time, here are some handy hints and tips to get you noticed and to secure the one you want!

Be the first to find out 
When a recruiter or company first puts a job online it is going to be fresh in their mind. After a while, they will be flooded with applications and it will become more and more of a task to go through them all. To get a recruiter when they're at their best, make sure you are one of the first to apply. This means you need to be one of the first to find out! Set up alerts or e-mail notifications from various job websites that match your criteria. Don't just wait for the local newspaper to be released, as many of the jobs will have been advertised long before hitting the paper.

Check back, now and then
There's nothing wrong with checking up on the recruiter or company that you sent your application too. This doesn't mean call them ten minutes after sending your CV though, as that will make you look desperate for a job. Give it a couple of days, perhaps to the end of the week. If you have heard nothing back just make a friendly enquiry as to whether they received your application and when they will begin contacting people back. If you chase up on them too much then they will wonder why you so urgently want this job, which will leave them with negative impressions about you.

If at first you don't succeed...
If you see a job you've applied for in the past being advertised there is no harm in applying for it again. One of the best jobs I've ever had I applied for three times before they gave me an interview! It was all worth it in the end though. Some job adverts will specifically ask for those that have not applied in the past, so leave those ones alone. Chances are they already have your details on file and will call you if they feel you suit the role. If the job is open to all applications then by all means, send your details over again. Especially if you got past the initial stage, or were interviewed by them. Your perseverance could pay off as it looks like you really, really want THAT job and not just any job. 

Applying for jobs at any time of the year isn't easy work. However it can be much more difficult at the beginning of a New Year. These tips can be used in the winter or summer, to help ensure you bag that dream job!

Author Bio: 
Camilla McKeon is a recruitment specialist that spends a lot of her spare time blogging. She believes that finding a job shouldn't be difficult, which is her reasoning behind all of her helpful articles. Camilla recommends Academics as an online job board perfect for finding teaching jobs.
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