5 Reasons a Business Owner Must Have a Smartphone

The smartphone is a revolutionary tool for people of all walks of life. However, for business owners the smartphone is not just an interesting gadget, it can be a tool to drive profits and to help a business to thrive and expand. Though a business owner might use a smartphone in an unimaginable amount of ways, here are five ways that a smartphone is an indispensable tool for business owners.

 Business Owner Must Have a Smartphone

Organizational Planning

When on the road it can be difficult for a business owner to plan his or her schedule and track what the other employees of the business are doing. But with a smartphone, a business owner can keep his or her schedule in the phone and share it with others in the business. Likewise, other employees can share their schedules with the business owner, allowing the owner to keep an eye on things and make adjustments to planned schedules as needed.

Access to Information

Business owners need quick access to information. Whether it is pricing materials to create a job estimate or simply finding the best way around traffic, a smartphone can help a business owner to gather the facts that he or she needs to make the business successful. The large screen on a smartphone also makes reading and responding to emails more pleasant than on older mobile phones. Smartphones have a number of apps specific to a variety of industries that a business owner can download to his or her phone to make the phone even more beneficial.

Social Media

To be successful, virtually every type of business needs to have a social media presence. By using a smartphone, a business owner can use free time during the day to quickly respond to customer questions or comments or to simply stay in touch with customers. Social media is a low cost way to build and maintain business relationships, which is something every business owner needs to do.

Tracking Receipts

Business owners can deduct almost every expense that a business pays, but it is difficult to keep track of all the receipts. However, with a smartphone a business owner can snap a picture of a receipt and electronically save it for later use. The electronic copy can often be imported directly into an accounting program. The paper receipt can then be tossed and the business owner can get back to work making money instead of tracking paper receipts. Smartphones can also create electronic records from other printed materials such as business cards.


One of the most interesting ways to use a smartphone is to create a Wi-Fi hotspot for your laptop. Most business owners constantly need to use their laptops for a variety of projects, but finding wireless internet can be difficult. But with a smartphone, a business owner can create their own Wi-Fi anytime that the phone has service. The process of using the smartphone to connect a laptop (or other device) to the Internet is known as tethering and there are a variety of apps that can perform this task.

Author Bio:
This article was written by Laura – a business woman who cannot live without her smartphone… not even for half an hour!

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