The Battle For Smartphone Market Supremacy

The introduction of Smartphones has changed the whole picture of the technological world. These cell phones are the most popular type of cell phones so far, and the number of Smartphone users increases every day in the USA and all over the world. The Smartphones actually take the concept of the cell phone beyond just a phone device as there are various other features included in these phones. Most of the mobile phone producers are battling hard to prove their supremacy in capturing the Smartphone market. 

The Smartphone giants such as Apple, Samsung, and all other companies are investing a lot in terms of money and time to add something new to their Smartphones. The competition between large companies is intensifying all over the world as the popularity of the Smartphone is increasing. The consumers are the beneficiaries of this competition as they can get smarter cell phones with various useful functions at a lower prices. Besides some other aspects, one of the major impacts of this tough competition is the reduction in prices of Smartphones every day. 

Who is the Leader in the Smartphone Market?
Just a few years back, Apple was considered the undisputed market leader in the Smartphone market by far. But with the passage of time, their position has changed as Google has introduced the Android platform. Initially, the Android phones were less, but slowly the popularity of Google’s Android platform increased. At the moment, the Android phones have outsold the Apple’s iPhone by a considerable margin. Samsung is the closest rival of Apple as they have introduced their Galaxy S3 to take the battle for supremacy in the Smartphone market to new heights. Nokia is also jumping into the pool as they have introduced their Lumia series in which they used the Microsoft Windows-based platform.

The Importance of Smartphone Apps
The main difference between the different brands of Smartphones is the Smartphone Apps. Apple has  the edge because of their largest number of apps; however, Samsung is not far behind as they outsold  Apple’s iPhone 5 with their 
Galaxy S3. It seems that Samsung has the edge in terms of price; however, the battle is far from over as we never know what is coming tomorrow. The winner in this race will be the consumers because of the decreasing prices of these essential devices. 

How the Cell Phone Market Changed
With the emergence of Smartphones, the cell phone market has been redefined, and initially Apple was the market leader for Smartphones with the iPhone series. However, by looking at the massive response from consumers, many large manufacturers started developing Smartphones. Some rely on their low prices, while others are trying to beat Apple with additional features. Times are changing, and the golden nights for the iPhone and Apple are over now as other developers, such as Samsung, HTC, and Motorola are catching up to them. People want to choose their new Smartphone based on their specific needs according to their budget, and they have the ever-increasing choice of brands and models when it comes to Smartphones.

Written By Aaran, S. You can follow Aaran's view points at @examinet.
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