Must-Have Office Gadgets For 2013

Start the New Year in style with a selection of office gadgets to keep you and your colleagues amused for hours (after you have completed all your tasks of course!).

Aroma USB Fragrance Dispenser

An aroma USB works by plugging into your USB port and diffusing a pleasing scent around your office space. Each refill generally lasts for about a week of constant use – perfect when the colleague at the next desk insists on bringing leftover turkey curry for lunch!

Desktop Jellyfish Tank

As a relaxing alternative to the traditional desktop aquarium, why not invest in a jellyfish tank? This unique design comes shipped with real live jellyfish and is up-lit so you can watch these fascinating creatures float around the tank no matter what time of day or night.

3D Printer

3D printers use waste paper and water-based glue to create 3-dimensional objects. Not only are they super-cool but they are eco-friendly as well. Using up waste paper in an effective (or entertaining) manner is far better than throwing it in the bin. Print out a plain 3D object and then use the palette of over one million colours to add features.


Coupled with a thermos of hot water the Handpresso lets you make perfect espresso wherever you happen to be. Simply add a coffee pod, pour in hot water and squeeze and you will get a wonderful espresso coffee with just the right amount of crema to get you through your day.

2013 Bubble Calendar

Popping bubble wrap is one of the best ways to alleviate stress. Now you can experience the pleasure every single day with a Bubble Calendar. Every day has a new bubble to pop to reveal the date.

Anti-Theft Lunch Bag

Less a gadget and more an amusing safety device, these handy lunch bags will deter any potential lunch thief. Simply place your sandwich inside the clear plastic bag and seal it up and you will be able to leave it in the office fridge with no worries. The bags are decorated with realistic looking mould patterns that appear as if they are part of your sandwich.

USB Microwave

Another alternative is to bring in a lunch that requires heating up, then plug in your individual handy USB Microwave and Bob’s your uncle – a tasty, warming meal right at your desk.

Dancing Cat Speaker

This fluffy cat-shaped speaker plugs into your iPod or mobile phone and dances away right on your office desk! Its antics will keep you and your colleagues amused for hours.

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