5 Cutting Edge Health And Medicine Startup Businesses

Health care and medicine startups are among the most sought-after businesses for investors and customers alike. With today's advances in medical technology, companies that address the health needs of the rapidly growing population represent the future of the health care business. Innovative businesses that take advantage of this new technology are poised to change the way the world looks at health care.

Home Health Monitoring
Personal health monitoring combines new mobile, tablet, and desktop technology with traditional methods of measuring medical needs. Home health monitoring systems usually track one area of health, such as cardiovascular health or diabetes, and help patients monitor records, medication, and progress. One cutting edge company in the home health monitoring business is CareLogger. The CareLogger web application allows patients to create a diabetes logbook, track blood glucose levels, and connect with doctors and other medical professionals. The platform has also served as a model for other home monitoring systems.

Mobile Prescriptions and e-Care
Prescriptions often represent the very core of a medical treatment plan. However, the process of keeping track of prescriptions can be a headache for patients and doctors alike. Mobile Prescriptions and e-Care are designed to bring the process of getting medical prescriptions up to date with how patients are actually living their lives. Dosespot, an e-prescription platform, is one such example of a company that helps doctors and patients monitor prescriptions, medications, and dosage. The system is designed to minimize human error and reduce lag time between refills and checkups.

Crowd-sourced Health Studies
Health studies are an essential part of learning about diseases and conditions that affect certain populations. In the past, commissioning a new health study involved a great deal of bureaucracy and red tape. With today's technological landscape, however, designing a new health study can be as simple as crowd-sourcing interested individuals from across the country. Genomera lets individuals sign up to web publishing platform and propose new clinical trials. This type of crowd-sourcing business is designed to gather desired treatments directly from potential patients.

Health Records Management
Health records are an essential part of successful medical practice and patient well-being. Not only do errors in medical records can result in major financial loss for hospitals and medical practices, inaccurate records can result in loss of life. Digital solutions to health records represent the new frontier in health management. One such company is CareCloud, a startup that offers a digital platform for health records and practice management. The platform also includes integration of family medical history and patient feedback to create better doctor-patient relationships.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology
Advances in engineering technology can mean great news for hospitals, surgeons, and patients. Companies can now use manufacturing technology to create surgical tools and hospital equipment that reduces human error and provides more safety for the patient. One such company is Nano-Sharp, a startup that uses silicon to produce surgical blades that are less expensive and more precise than the leading hospital brands. This new technology is designed to save money and help hospitals run more efficiently in the long term. Improved surgical tools can also make the process easier for patients and reduce recovery time and complications.

Health and medicine companies represent the new frontier in startup businesses. According to the Wall Street Journal, health and biotechnology startup businesses are the most likely to receive venture capital funding and make an impact on the industry. These new ideas and platforms can change the way doctors run their businesses and pave the way for major improvements in the medical field.

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Nursing instructor Karen Black has written many useful articles about healthcare and has contributed to the Top10 Accelerated Nursing Programs.

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