The Top 5 IPhone News Applications

Did you know that almost as many people who use desktop PCs to do their regular business are using mobile devices now as well? It’s also been predicted that sometime in the very near future, people will be reading the news on their iPhones and handheld devices more than they’ll be watching the actual news. There are a ton of different news related applications available for the iPhone but a lot of them just aren’t worth the download or the visit. We’ll go over the top 5.

AP Mobile
One of the main reasons people like to watch the news is for their local news and for the weather. Rarely do people tune into the news just to see what’s going on around the world or in their country. That’s why AP Mobile allows people to view news from their home town and to view the weather as well. The only downfall here is that there are a lot of ads on the app but it seems to work well and run smoothly.

The New York Times
One of the most important and distinct features of this app is the offline reader for people who see an interesting story but just don’t have the time to read it at the moment. This will let you save it and read it later for up to 7 days! It doesn’t cover World News or stories the best but it’s known for the in-depth reports on just about any topic you can imagine.

NPR News
If you’re a radio lover and love to listen to the radio for all of your daily news, then this is the only app you’ll ever need. It provides access to some of the hottest NPR radio shows and keeps you updated quite often. There are both live and archived episodes that you can catch along with plenty of print news articles. There are a couple of sections that could use some attention but other than that, it’s a great app.

Fluent News Reader
Basically, this app will combine all of the major and important headlines from places like BBC, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Fox News. You however can’t add your own websites or your own major networks that may be missing from the list. Still a great app none the less because it consolidates a lot of the major new sources that people watch the most and puts the most important and hottest news topics first.

CNN Mobile
While this is not a free application, it costs $1.99 but is considered a very reliable source for news. The app has a very nice selection of videos and you can even surf randomly generated content by users. Included in this application among world/US news is the local weather and local news. The content isn’t as in-depth as AP Mobile or a couple of other of the apps mentioned, but it’s nice and quick for people on the go or during your daily commute.

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