5 Jobs That Will Be Obsolete In The Next Ten Years

As Joe Rogan once said, "You cannot stop the Internet." The Internet has been responsible for making plenty of jobs around the world obsolete, and that trend is only going to continue over the next ten years. Technology is really about to get out of control when it comes to what robots are going to be able to do and how people are going to be able to instantly connect with each other, and there are plenty of jobs that are going to be impacted by these innovations and improvements to our world. These evolutions of technology should not be feared by anyone because these changes are definitely going to have a positive impact on the world as a whole. 

The best thing you can do if you think your job may be taken by robots in the future is to plan ahead and make sure that you stay ahead of the curve. Here are five of the top jobs that will probably not exist ten years from now:

Travel Agents
Travel agents used to be one of the main connecting forces between airline companies, hotels, resorts, cruise liners and the customer, but they are already becoming obsolete in today's world. The only reason some people still go through a travel agent when they book a vacation is that sometimes they are able to offer discounts that cannot be found with other sources. Now that there are websites such as PriceLine and Kayak, it is becoming more likely that search engines are going to replace the travel agent.

Photo Printing
Although some people still like to visit the local drug store to print their photos, this kind of action is probably not going to continue for much longer. As printers continue to become more advanced and people learn how to print professional images in their own homes, there is going to be no need for that photo printing booth at the corner store.

Customer Service Operators
Some companies, such as Google, do not offer customer service right now because they know all of the answers to the questions their customers have are already on the Internet. Many people now Google a problem instead of calling the company and asking for help because it is a faster solution to their issue. There will always be a market for talking to an actual representative from a company, but the importance of that market is definitely on the decline.

The head of JCPenney has already stated that he would like to get rid of all the cashiers in his stores rather quickly, and it should not be long before all of the cashiers in the world are left without a job. This will definitely be helpful for retail outlets as they will be able to cut their costs dramatically by not having to hire someone to help people checkout their items after shopping. This process is already automated online, so the same process can likely be done in physical stores.

Professional Drivers
While the drivers of NASCAR and Formula 1 are probably safe, anyone else who drives a car, truck or limo for a living could be in trouble in ten years. Google and other companies are already working on self-driving cars, and these cars could hit the road as early as 2020. When a car can drive itself, there is no reason to put a man or woman behind the wheel and pay them a yearly salary.

Author Bio:
Thomas Kelly has worked in IT and development for the past 5 years and has also contributed to BestCollege Majors For The Future for people looking toward the careers of the future.

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