The Five Coolest Offices in the World

For most people, going to the office each day is a boring process and a means to an end. Sitting there for hours on end each day, staring at a computer screen or paperwork with an hour's break at lunchtime and very little to do other than stare at the same four walls day in, day out can be very uninspiring.

However, going to the office is not the same for everyone. There are some people who work in the most incredible offices on the planet – a far cry from the bland environments that most office workers have become used to. Five of the planet's coolest offices include:

Google has revolutionised the world of computers and technology, and the creative geniuses that are behind the search engine giant could never be expected to come up with ideas whilst perched on swivel chairs staring at four walls all day long!
The Google HQ in Zurich is a melting pot of creativity and was actually designed by those who would go on to work there. In addition to free food and specially allocated time for staff to come up with new ideas, Google HQ has everything from igloo and chalet styled meeting pods to fire fighter poles so that staff can whizz from one office to another without stooping to the conventional method of lifts and stairs. Slides, games rooms, chill out areas, and an incredible library make up some of the other fabulous features of Google HQ.

White Mountain: 
You may think you have walked onto some sort of movie set if and when you ever clap eyes on this underground data centre, which is situated 30 meters below the streets of Stockholm. While these swish offices may be underground, you could be fooled into thinking you were in some sort of lush jungle setting, with the simulated daylight complemented by the fabulous waterfalls, massive fish tanks and greenhouses.

Red Bull: 
As is so often reiterated to us in the adverts, 'Red Bull makes you fly' and it seems that when it comes to creativity the designer of the Red Bull offices in Soho, London was doing just that. These offices come with a rooftop reception and entrance, where you get to enjoy panoramic views of London's West End. Indoors, you will find everything from meeting rooms equipped with ping pong tables to slides that will transport you to the canteen in next to no time.

Situated in Bangkok, the DTAC offices provide 62,000 square meters of inspired workspace for its thousands of employees. There are twenty floors, which have a variety of different themes, from library themes to theatre ones. With these wonderfully created work areas, staff are able to enjoy comfort and inspiration all year round.

The Groupon HQ in Chicago is cool, relaxed and the kind of place most people would love to spend time in. It offers everything from themed meeting rooms, including one designed to look like the bedroom of a 1980's teenager, to randomly located whiteboards for staff to do anything from jot down ideas and reminders to doodle and express some creativity!

Author Bio:
Catherine Slater is a business consultant who has worked with and visited commercial property in many countries around the world.
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