The Top Gadgets and Products to Make Your Business More Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is incredibly important for all of us and this is something that we all should be doing our best to adhere to. If you aren't saving as much energy as possible then you will damage your company's reputation and drive away customers who would rather use the companies with more of a conscious. More to the point though, if you are wasting energy then you are wasting money and you can expect to spend more on your energy bills and thus have higher overheads and less profit and probably have to ask less competitive prices for your products and services.
As such then it just simply makes good business sense to look into using energy saving techniques and making your business more efficient and eco friendly wherever possible - and there are many gadgets and tools you can use to do this. Here we will look at great products you use to can do exactly that and that improve your profits as a result.

Timed Lighting
By putting your lighting on a timer you can gain strict control over the precise amount of energy you use and this means you can make much tighter budgets and keep track of the ways you could improve this efficiency.

Energy Saving Lightbulbs

The original energy saving gadget and a fantastic little item to help you save energy on a daily basis, and save even more money through not having to replace your bulbs as regularly.

Improve Your Insulation

There are a vast number of ways you can improve your energy efficiency but keeping more of your heating in has to be one of the very most effective and simple. There are many products and installations you can use to accomplish this, but one of the best ones is to use is better insulated windows. They might not be the most glamorous 'gadgets' but this is still an example of using great technology to save money.

Solar Panels

Want to send a message to the rest of the world that your business is interested in helping the planet and reducing carbon emissions? Well then there are few better ways you can do this than having solar panels installed on your roof or premises. A great way to save on your energy bill of course too because you'll be able to move a lot of your energy requirements to this free and renewable source.

Solar Chargers

For working on the go, why no supply your staff with solar powered chargers? This means they'll never be stuck because their laptop has run out of battery, but at the same time it will also impress any clients or business partners that are with them at the time by showing that your business is both eco-conscious and very tech savvy.


There is a ton of software your business can use to help you save energy, and the most effective forms are those that will allow you to track the amount of energy you're using throughout the day. This can come in the form of a tablet/phone app, or full blown software for your staff's PC, but either way this kind of real time feedback will help you to see where you are 'leaking' energy and make the appropriate changes. And it comes with much more incentive when you can see precisely what that equates to in lost profits...

Author Bio:
Carol Edwards is a tech blogger and keeps track of all the latest technological advents. She says that almost every house has Double glazed windows in Melbourne.

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