Must-Have Office Gadgets

Office managers seem to be on an eternal quest to boost productivity in the workplace. From meetings to specialized teams to a host of policies, every office seems to have its own way of getting the most out of an eight-hour workday. Although we might imagine that an overhaul on tech devices to boost performance would pack a healthy financial punch, there are a surprising number of small office gadgets that can really make a difference in the average office. From fun choices to cool, streamlined machines, these gadgets top our list of must-haves for any office.


Led by the ever-popular iPad, tablet computers have become fixtures of our personal tech belongings. When introduced to an office environment, the tablet’s portability and multi-functionality comes in handy for many a task. These devices can be used to record meeting notes, jot down important information during conference calls, and they can easily be moved in between locations around the office. The many available business apps for iPads mean that you can customize your tablet’s performance to your particular office needs.

iGo Portable Projector

This nifty gadget can project images and videos that are larger than a big-screen television, all while fitting in the palm of your hand. Like the tablet, its manageable size makes it infinitely portable. This small projector is compatible with tablets, Smartphones, and laptops, meaning that you can pull a few charts from your email and project them at a board meeting or hold a larger audience captive with photos from your family ski vacation. Perhaps the best perk of the iGo Portable Projector is that any space in the office can be transformed into a presentation area; your team will no longer need to use a conference room for projector access, making this a perfect choice for small businesses and businesses with small budgets.

Doxie Go

This scanner is small enough to almost qualify as pocket-sized. A thin strip of a machine, the portable device can clean up on clutter in your workplace and assist inner-office sharing. Simply feed documents into this tiny scanner and use your USB connector to sync it to all of your electronic devices. It works with iPhones and iPads, too, via a handy wireless card. The Doxie Go is also cordless and wireless, making its portability even more attractive. It is great for business cards, receipts, and meeting notes, and for transferring old paper files to digital storage. This powerful little machine also preps documents for easy transfer to cloud programs, making it an even smarter choice for the contemporary office.

Monitor Rear-View Mirror        

This rather humorous office gadget might come in handy for those with nosy coworkers. The small mirror can be affixed to the top of your monitor or laptop screen to give you a view of those behind you. If you have a boss that likes to sneak up on you or you cannot resist checking your Facebook and Twitter accounts while on the clock, this device could be a life-saver.

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