The Gadgets and Technology You Should Take on Holiday

When you go on holiday, deciding what you should bring with you can be a lengthy and troubling process. On the one hand you might be wrestling with the impulse to take everything you own with you so that you can engage in any activities you might want to, but then at the same time you should also be sure to consider the weight of your luggage and the ease of transport - and the less you take the easier and less stressful your journey will be.
Technology here is particularly tough to consider because it offers you such good value in terms of the amount you can do with it versus the amount of space it takes up - but at the same time it's also something that doesn't feel crucial for a holiday and that is quite expensive and delicate to be lugging around in your luggage.
So the question is, which gadgets and technology should you take with you, and which should you leave at home? Here we will look at the answers to those questions.

The Stuff to Leave at Home

If you're going on holiday they you shouldn't need to work and that means right away you should leav your laptop at home. If you don't have it with you then you won't be tempted to work and at the same time it means that your most important files and documents and most expensive device will be safe and sound until you get back. Meanwhile you also don't need to take anything that adds excess weight when you could accomplish the same thing with another device - for instance why take a Gameboy if you have a tablet that's capable of playing games?
With that in mind, here are the things you should take with you...

The Stuff to Take

Camera: If you're on holiday then a camera is an absolute must - particular a digital camera which will give you all the settings and all the space you will need and which you can then upload to Facebook or print out later on to keep in an album. You won't be likely to have been here before, so you need to capture the moment.

SD Card: Taking at least one spare SD Card is a very good idea for your holidays for numerous reasons (though the more the merrier). Firstly this means that you can be as snap happy as you like and not be forced to start deleting pictures mid-holiday to make room. At the same time though it also allows you to back up your photos or view them on your tablet or phone if you have something little like a 
SanDisk Ultra Micro SDHC 32GB and that means that should you lose your camera (heaven forbid) you won't lose all your proud photos.

Kindle: Kindle's are absolutely incredible holiday companions which everyone should take. At once, a Kindle gives you the ability to read ebooks in the sun without worrying about glare or having to turn pages and it gives you the ability to access the web even when there's no wireless - completely for free.

Mobile Phone: There's no getting away from this one. For emergencies and for your own piece of mind your mobile phone should come with you everywhere.
Tablet: Finally taking a tablet computer is a great move to allow you to do more on your journey. This isn't like a laptop - it's not a productivity or work tool - but it will give you the ability to connect to the hotel Wifi for checking your e-mails while also serving as a games device and MP3 player. If you have a small 7'' tablet like the Nexus 7 then it will hardly take up any space either.

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Kyle Brandt is a tech enthusiast. He makes a point to know everything there is about technology and gadgets. He loves collecting cool and quirky gadgets that catches his fancy.
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