Eco Friendly Interior Design Ideas

For many people, finding new and effective ways to live an eco-friendly lifestyle is of the upmost importance. With issues surrounding global warming and energy efficiency on the news and in conversation every day, living a greener life is becoming an ambition for more and more people across the world each year. At the opposite end of the spectrum however, some people are willing to spend the extra cash for style; if it takes spending an extra hundred pounds each year to light a stylish range of home lighting, so be it”
Fortunately for both parties, there is fantastic news; it’s now easier than ever to create an eco-friendly yet ultimately stylish household, without breaking the bank and searching high and low for dream furnishings.


Well-designed and strategically placed lighting can create a feeling of drama, accentuate the room and enrich the space on several levels. Sourcing contemporary lighting fixtures to add to the room and then combining them with energy efficient lighting solutions is a simple and fantastic way to get the best of both worlds.
Lighting is accountable for over 60% of all electricity used in our home, so by using LED and energy-saving bulbs in each room, you can slash annual utility bills significantly. Look into styles of recessed lighting, spotlights and wall-mounted lighting for modern lighting fittings that convey style and class.

Recycled Furniture

Many great pieces of home furniture are often thrown out before they reach the end of their natural life and can unfortunately end up on a one-way trip to the local landfill. By simply getting your creative cap on and adding a little character to furniture, you can create a modern home with a contemporary twist, without having to buy a single piece of new furniture!
For example, if you are looking to completely redecorate a room, giving it a more modern and stylish theme and colour scheme, it’s fair to say old styles of polished wooden furniture would look odd and out of place. If you were to restyle the piece to match the new colour scheme however, you could add a new and unique piece of furniture without shopping for one at all.
Replace the fitted cushion on old dining chairs with a more modern fabric and colour that contributes and adheres to your colour scheme. Repaint the frame black, white or a more vibrant primary colour, depending on the contemporary colours you have chosen for the room. This same approach is also a great way to bring a faded old table back from the dead; finish with a quality clear varnish to complete the table and give it a water resistant outer coating.
Add new life to old sofas by adding stylish and modern throws; again, look for colours and patterns that match your chosen colour scheme and convey a feeling of contemporary style’.
Finding eco-friendly ways to create a stylish home is simple, cost effective, better for the environment and looks fantastic too!

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Daniel Travis – Brown writes regularly on the subject of eco-friendly alternatives in the home on behalf of Tiles UK, supplier or 
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