The Five Best Marketing Campaigns Of All Time

A good marketing campaign is often the difference between success and failure for most businesses. Campaigns are becoming more accessible too, not only are they on our TV’s and in our magazines, they are now online too. It’s extremely difficult to avoid them. Even if you don’t use the internet or watch TV they are plastered on the side of buses too, so they will get you one way or another.
The really successful ones are unforgettable. Here is a look at the most successful and most memorable-

‘Nike- Just Do It’

I’m sure you will all recognise this one. Unbelievably Nike’s original target market were those competing in the marathon. Nike jumped into a bigger market when keeping fit started to become more popular. Before 1988 Reebock sold more shoes than Nike. After the launch of the ‘Just Do It’ campaign Nikes success grew and grew. It is still the campaign they use today. ‘Just do it’ refers to a feeling to push ourselves when it comes to sport.

‘Got Milk?’

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Got milk? But do you know where it comes from? It was a marketing campaign. In the late 80’s milk sales had dropped, so Goodby, Silverstein and partners came up with the famous campaign. In a year alone milk sales grew by 7%. The campaign was highly successful and still famous today.

Mcdonald’s- ‘I’m Lovin It’

You’re probably all singing the song in your heads now. This was the companies first global campaign, launched in 2003 it is still their current campaign today. The clever slogan paired with a current celebrity- Justin Timberlake; was a sure winner.

Coca Cola- ‘Holidays Are Coming’

It’s often considered the ‘beginning’ of Christmas when the Coca Cola’s festive adverts start playing. The campaign for the fizzy drink has managed to become so iconic that it symbolises the start of the biggest holiday of the year. This year they have added a ‘Christmas Truck Tour’ to their campaign, where people can see the truck travelling around the UK.

‘Diamonds Are Forever’

This phrase has been an inspiration for songs and films, a famous James Bond film was even named ‘diamonds are forever.’ This term was made famous by De Beers- a diamond manufacturing company. In 1947 they launched their campaign ‘A diamond is forever’ changing the way we value diamonds until this day. After De Beers campaign launched it was now only acceptable to have the ‘forever’ stone- the diamond; for your wedding ring, nothing else would do. It is now still the most popular stone for wedding and engagement rings.

All of these above campaigns would have been cleverly thought out before launching. During the campaign they would have had a lot of support from PR and 
technology PR teams. Good PR is essential to a successful campaign.

Author Bio:
Eilidh MacRae is writing on behalf of Eclat a Tech PR agency. 
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